Another Shoe Challenge

I spent last February to this passed February trying to wear all of the shoes that I have- minus those ‘only around the house shoes’- and I did it!  This challenge was set up by the website and it was such a great idea.  I spent the year before reading about all of the shoes that the mind behind the challenge had worn and thought, “I should do something like that.  How great to have shoes and actually wear them!”  So when she put the challenge up for all, I was in.  I learned a few things during this time of shoe saving, number one:  I guess I kind of like shoes.  And, number two: I can wear something other than Doc Martens.  I have lots of shoes that aren’t Doc’s, more than I thought I did, and they all got worn, except for two that I gave to the Goodwill because I won’t ever wear them, in fact, why did I even get them?  My shoe style has maybe even expanded some and I find myself wanting to wear things that I never thought I would before.  Some may say this is a symptom of ‘growing up’, but I say it is just me getting more stylish!  (Yes, that is what I will say because I feel like I still have some growing up to do.)

Well, I am going to do this challenge, again.  I have given myself from the start of this month to the 1st of April next year to wear all of my shoes, again!  So, many of them will be worn a second time, and I have even expanded on my ‘collection’ and I have included a few more that I thought I didn’t want to put up for the challenge last time around.  This year I won’t be documenting my challenge on Facebook like I did last year, but instead will be blogging about it here.  Facebook friends be warned, you will be seeing too many pics of me again wearing the same shoes I wore last year.  But I also have a goal to wear my whole closet in a year and get rid of what I don’t wear, so the outfits should at least be different. 

How funny!  It would seem I have taken pics of my shoes before.  I took this picture in high school of my then shoe collection.  I would have never thought that it would have led to this!

(I do know that this is a pretty cheesy picture, I can definitely laugh at myself now looking at it!)

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