About a Dog

Another great week has come and gone! And here I am, in front of my computer screen, getting a start at my normal Friday at home day. Right now, the dog is sleeping so I probably should be doing something else. Funny how having a puppy is much like having a small child, even an infant child. There are some things that can only get done while she is sleeping. And I even find myself telling the boy not to look in her direction or else she may wake up and then we won’t be doing anything but keeping her busy! She is almost passed that stage where we can’t let her out of our sight, though. But, she does still manage to get into everything we don’t want her to when our backs are turned. All this aside, I am really liking our dog! I have even thought, why did we wait so long to get one? I was talking to someone earlier this week about it, and I guess we just didn’t have the ‘puppy fever’ until now.


Just to let it be known, my initial intention was not to make today’s post about the dog, it just seemed to have ended up that way!

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