This week was the official start of spring.  The grass has gotten green, the trees have begun to bud, and some of those early blooming flowers have come and already gone.  Yes, Tennessee is gettin purdy again!  So many trees and greenery that has been hidden away.  One of the prettiest states (and at the same time, one of the dreariest during the rainy winter).  I do think, though, that this weather is really too warm already to be spring.  It feels more like summer.  And come to think of it, we hardly had a winter.  More like a really long fall that has blended into summer.  Either way, it is my second favorite time of year, assuming it really is in fact spring.  I will be enjoying the time outdoors, which may be short lived since it already is well into the 80’s!

A few things I did this first week of spring: 

Walked around Memphis.  Well, more like limped around Memphis as I may or may not have a broken toe. And when I say Memphis, I mean around the immediate area of the Mini dealer while I waited on some recall work.  Took Yuki to Target, until she started yelping too loudly and the boy and I thought we might get kicked out for having a dog in the store.  Planted some items in my yard – three items that will eventually have flowers.  And, took pictures of the things growing in the yard.


My azalea is even more beautiful than last year!

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