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Mail Order Bees

It was back in January that I ordered bees.  Tractor Supply sent out emails for pre-ordering and we jumped on it.  There were two kinds: Carniolan bees or Italian bees.  We picked Italian after asking around – Google knows a lot!  In the three months that we waited […]

Spring in the Vineyard 2017

Everything is budding, turning green, and getting beautiful over here in West Tennessee.  And the vineyard is looking pretty good this season as well.  Lots of muscadine leaves are budding out and it is, once again, time to admire the vineyard and watch the leaves grow. It all […]

The Eighteenth Friday of 2016

I really can’t remember all that has gone on this month.  I don’t even remember if I ever got a Friday post up on time once during April.  My blogging-self is happy today though because it is Friday, and I’ve got a few things to say. How was […]

Another Friday Post

It was a nice long week for me.  And as bad a long weeks sometimes sound, I wasn’t bothered by it one bit.  I got plenty done at home, with school, and also spent some time on the road.  I am happy to say that I have my […]