Two Days After the Fourteenth Friday of 2016

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Who says my Friday posts have to only be on Friday?  If you’ve been reading for a little bit of time, you may recall a time or two when these posts showed up on a different day.  Well, this is one such day.


I was kitchen bound most of the afternoon Friday, somewhere in which I don’t usually like to spend that much time, but usually where I end up spending the most.  I was cooking up a storm (or so I liked to think that I was) and before I knew it, the day was almost over.  My guy was almost off from work, and I still had 8 gallons of wine to move from the primary fermenting buckets into the secondary fermenting carboys. I was going to be busy for a little bit longer which meant no time to blog.  It was really nice to sit down for dinner, and then spend the rest of Friday night relaxing while not doing a thing.


Dinner was a low-carb, bacon and cauliflower chowder (found from my Pinterest feed here) which my guy thought was pretty good until he found out I made it with cauliflower.  All of a sudden he started to smell the cauliflower he said.  He makes me laugh, but even though it’s not always easy cooking for a picky guy, I have somehow managed to deal.  I had also made a second course, because I had a feeling the first course might not be a hit – I know him very well.  That just meant more soup for me, and I love soup, plus I can eat leftovers for days – just means one less thing to cook.  All was good!


The rest of my week was pretty similar in the kitchen department: lots of cooking and cleaning.  But in addition to the boy and I being back to school work and all that goes with it, we were farm sitting.  Also, I have had the want to be outside.  Milking goats, collecting eggs, and daily afternoon breaks spent out on the deck were regular occurrences for us this week, and I even felt like pulling and mowing weeds one day after school was over.  This made me happy because I found my Bleeding Heart that I thought had died.  It was hiding in the weeds.


Then there was a family to trip to Nashville.  My guy and I had our semiannual dentist appointment and as usual, I had been looking forward to the trip for awhile.  We haven’t had cavities in I don’t know how long, so going to the dentist isn’t ever a bad thing for us.  In fact it’s usually a fun day in the city with shopping, eating, and just having a good time together.  When the day was over, we ate at my current favorite restaurant, J. Alexanders, and then afterwards got some overpriced coffee and made our way home in what I was worried would be severe weather.  No need to worry though, cause we drove right through the split of the two big rain storms, and only had a slight need for the windshield wipers.



The only other thing that was going on for me this week out of the ordinary was spending a couple of my mornings at my sewing machine.  Usually once my guy leaves for work, I catch up on blogs and online computer stuff.  This week, I decided to start working on my newest dress.  I gave myself about thirty to forty-five minutes a couple of mornings, and have the bodice of my next project about complete.  It’s a Vogue pattern and it’s a lined dress: two things in my sewing life that normally make me shy away from specific patterns.  I figured that if I like the pattern enough to buy it, I might as well figure out how to make it.  Plus, I have so many new patterns that I haven’t even made.  Varying up what I make will only make me better at it.


So, that was my week.  I am wondering if you all are now regretting me writing all about it.  Seems like over 700 words of randomness might have just been too much from me on the weekend.  Ha ha!  Well, if you’ve made it this far, I thank you for sticking with it, and for enduring these not so good iPhone photos as well.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you like to do in your free time this time of the year.

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