Hi, everyone!  I have a new dress to tell you all about today.  In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I just love it when I have new dresses to write about.  This month’s Monthly Stitch sewing theme is Sew Hot Right Now, and it was up to us sewists (is that what we are called?) to come up with our interpretation of what that means to us for this month’s project.  Sew Hot Right Now for me is this Cotton and Steel typewriter fabric.  I have wanted it for awhile now, and was devastated when I finally went to order it and couldn’t find it.

typewriter material

Cotton and Steel is also a fabric brand that has been showing up everywhere for me lately: my instagram feed, other sewists, Pinterest, and when I browse the net for dress and quilt inspiration.  I thought I might never get my hands on this wishlist material of mine, so when it came back in stock, I bought it immediately.

retro style dress

I made something different with it than my usual fit and flare style of dress.  I was nervous because this was a new to me make and I didn’t want the dress with this lovely material to be a disaster.  (I don’t like making muslins at all.)  I have made three Sew Serendipity patterns with wonderful success the first time around, so I thought I would give the Isabella dress a go.  What I liked about it was that there would be plenty of width in the dress to show off the pattern of the typewriters.  Also it was a collar-less style, shirt-dress of sorts and I’ve been wanting to make one of those for months now.  I went with the sweetheart neckline and I didn’t use the suggested piping under the mid-dress gathers.

Sew Serendipity

Sew Serendipity Isabella

I was right; the dress was easy to make.  I had no problems and it was my best success with sleeves on a dress yet.  I did initially cut the longer sleeve length, but right away knew I wasn’t going to like them so I cut off about two inches from the bottom and have what you see here.

the Isabella dress 2

I am not entirely happy with the fit of the top part of the dress though.  It looks alright, but it is baggier that I want it to be.  I think this can be fixed by taking off the sleeves and taking the shoulders up some.  I will then have to re-cut the armholes.  I could also take the sides in just a bit once the sleeves are out.  If and when I do make that adjustment, I may ditch the sleeves because I am probably going to have to mess with them to get them back on the newly fitted dress.  It would be a shame though, cause they were the best regular sleeves I’ve ever put in a dress – I just had to say that again.  I haven’t made my mind up on these changes as of right now.  I may wear it a couple more times and see how I like it then.  It does look how the pattern showed, and it’s not specifically a fit and flare dress anyway.  I don’t have to always be so picky with my dresses!

cotton and steel fabric

This makes four Sew Serendipity pattern success stories, and my Typewriter dress is So Hot Right Now!!

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