A nice big good morning to everyone!  It’s Friday and I am for once, in several weeks, finding myself sitting at my computer, coffee nearby, blogging.  It’s been awhile since I’ve recapped my week over here and I have to say I’ve missed it.  This week, I am thinking I will make it a Friday Five post, because why not?  I have a lot that has made me happy this week.

First off, spring break!   A whole week not having to think about school was pretty high five worthy.  I do have a little bit of grading to do but since I still have until the beginning of next week for that, the procrastinator in me said no rush.  I got a few things done around the house that I had wanted, not everything, but a good start at the spring cleaning anyway.


This week I also did a little bit of sewing.  I made a new dress which came out alright considering it was a pattern I had never made before and I was using the nicest material that was currently in my stash.  I am hoping to have a me-made Monday, as planned, about it in a few days.

new patterns

On the subject of sewing, one more thing that brings me happiness in regards to that part of my life: new patterns.  I got several this week and now I am just waiting for the new material I ordered.  I still have a little bit of time left to sew before break is over.


I got a new ‘toy’ this week.  I say toy for lack of a better word, but what it is is a Windows tablet.  A mini laptop that I am currently using right this very minute.  The  keyboard is taking the most getting used to, but other than that I really like it.  It’s nice not having to be confined to the computer room when I need to use a real computer, and I can easily take this thing with me everywhere.  I am mostly planning on using it for school/teacher stuff.  My grade books will be a thing of the past.


Lastly for the week, since I cannot have one of these posts without it, I made more wine.  This was an all day event since not only was I crushing, cleaning, and mixing, I was also racking what I already had going.  So now, the last of the summer fruit has been used.  I do have a few gallons left in storage, but not enough to make wine out of.  I am thinking maybe some jelly or some muscadine muffins.  Muffins do sound good.

Thanks for reading, everyone.  I will be back on Monday telling you all about that new dress of mine.  Have a great weekend!


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