Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks 21-23

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Three dresses worn in three week’s time.  I’ve been favoring skirts lately, but I’m not yet worried that will affect me from wearing the dress portion of my closet in a year.  I’m at weeks 21-23, almost half way through.  I am pretty sure my final dress count is still around the hundred mark – 112 or 113 specifically is what I am thinking.  I added another me made, and then the other day while cleaning my closet I found one more dress that I don’t remember seeing back in October when I started this whole challenge.  A recount is probably in order, but I will wait and do that this weekend.  Hopefully by then every bit of clothing I own will be washed and put away.  It’s a goal at least.

Here is what I wore from February 28th – March 19th.  Two of these you’ve seen before; my apologies for the repeat photos.  Although, the internet has a short attention span, so they just may seem new to you anyway.

Feb UFO 5

dress 32/112 – The Dressmaker’s dress (made by me)

TT Feb

Dress 33/112 – (made by me) I went ahead and wore this one without the yellow tights that appeared in my last Thursday Thrift post.

Dress34dress 34/112 The Winter in Tennessee dress (made by me)

That’s all from me in the outfit department for this week.  Now, I must be moseying on.  It’s past my online time, and I have a rumbling stomach in need of some food.  There’s a long day ahead of me so it would be wise not to skip out on the most important meal of the day.  Until next time, have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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