Dear Diary 2019: The Week of Cherry Blossoms

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I don’t know what it was that got me so smitten with the cherry blossoms this week.  It probably had something to do with last Sunday in Nashville where those rows of them were.  Those rows of which actually made national news this week.  I read they were intending to cut them down and turn them into mulch because they are where the NFL draft stage is going to be set up downtown.  The city has since changed their mind about the mulching part and is now going to be replanting them.  I am just happy that I got to see them when I did because I will never see those particular cherry blossom trees lining the river front downtown again.

These are the trees of discussion.

Moving on to trees closer to home, last week my guy, knowing my recent fascination with said trees, told me that they were blooming in downtown Jackson where he works.  I told the boy we were making a trip the next chance we got.  I used the excuse of also trying to take some ‘senior pictures’ of him to make his coming along not be so painful.  He does have a great amount of patience with me and my picture taking tendencies though.  In a way I think I’ve rubbed off on him some.

Except he’s much better at the selfie than I am.  (Perhaps he has a better subject to work with. I have more bad hair days than good ones lately.)

Last week wasn’t just about the cherry blossoms though.  I finished spraying the vineyard, and graded more papers.  This nine weeks is already moving along faster than I’d like and I don’t want to get behind.  I will admit, I already am behind, and part of that has to do with the stomach flu that has swept through our little school group.  I think at this point almost all of us are playing catch-up.

The vineyard is sprayed!

The only other thing I did last week was clean house.  I did something a little more than just organize the mess.  I went through papers, drawers, and closets.  It’s not a lot of cleaning that is right away noticeable, but it’s the behind the scenes stuff that I tend to get behind on.  I feel good about what I did with that last week though, but I do still have more to go through.

Now it’s Thursday of the next week and I can’t believe it’s already almost over.  I knew this year was going to fly by.  Highlights of this week for me: a six mile hike on Sunday with Stephen – I will have a whole post of pictures of that day up by itself – an afternoon in Franklin, TN – cavity-free I might add, and I got to face time my dad from France.  He’s walking across Spain and this was the week he started.  Also, a few more of those my boy is growing up way too fast moments, and it was the boy’s turn to be sick with what’s been going around.  It wasn’t as bad for him as it’s been for the others I know, but a day in bed doing nothing slowed him down some and set our school week back just a bit.

And that’s where I am right now.  It’s the first week of April so it’s time to fertilize the grape vines and that’s about all I have left to do with this week.  On a sad note, I think we may have lost our weaker bee hive.  I will know for sure on Sunday when we open it up, but last week there was no noticeable activity from it while the other hive had some bees coming and going.  I am pretty sad about that.  We do have another hive on order, and may just end up adding a second one to the list.  We shall see, and I don’t think we can have too many bees.  🙂

That’s all form me for now.  Have a great rest of your week.  ❤

OH, and one more thing… I make these 1 second a day videos with a really cool app called the same, and I was going to try and post them over here on the blog when the months are over.  Here is what I have for March:

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