Since I was last on here, we’ve experienced three seasons in two weeks. We had summer-like 80 degree weather for a few days, minus the humidity. Then it was winter again with about 2-3 inches of snow, and now it’s back to spring being windy, wet and mild. Wonder if winter will be back again this weekend?

Besides driving out to the property and into town to Walmart and the gym, I have been pretty much homebound these last couple of weeks, which I am still getting used to. Two years of more days home than away, and I’m still not all the way used to it. I wonder if I ever will be? The weeks I have more to do outside the house, I miss being home; and the weeks I am always home, I miss being away. Such is life!

So, not a lot going on except the weather, really. I did get to mow my backyard for the first time this year. It was mostly wild onions, but it looked great after. On the few sunny days we’ve had, I’ve spent a good amount of time on the back deck getting plenty of vitamin D, and have been working my way through book number 1 on my New Year’s Reading list (not gonna be anywhere close to having three done by the end of the month like I wanted.)

Still working with my nutrition coach and trainer, and have signed on for another three months which will make 9 months total when I get done with the next round. Things are progressing and I am learning a lot by being coached myself. On that note, I have wrapped up with a couple of nutrition clients that I had, and am working on filling the empty spots for my own nutrition clients. I am thinking I want a website for that, but have yet to start working on it.

She can finally jump on the couch. Has only done it once though.

It’s been a pretty quiet and laid back month, really. Stephen has been working a lot lately, so long hours for him, and we’ve been catching up on down time during the weekends. We haven’t really been anywhere since our Nashville outing last month. It’s time to do something about that I think. Of course, the day we plan on it, it will probably rain or snow. 🙂

Well that’s the 411 from me. Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? Let me know. ❤

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