The week has flown by for me, how about you? I got some stuff done that I wanted to, but also there are those things I tend to drag my feet about. One of which is yard work. Ho, hum, I always love the idea of being outside working in my yard making it look better than the year before, but when it comes time to actually doing it, I find other things I’d rather do instead. This year may be different though.

You see, I actually did do some yard work this week and it was quite enjoyable. A bit of a backstory first. When we went to Nashville a couple of weeks ago, the place we stayed had this big fenced in back yard with string lights hung on the whole fence. I loved it! And if the place wasn’t literally the back yard of interstate 40, and if it wasn’t pouring rain, I would have wanted to sit out there late into the night enjoying the ambient glow of those sparkly lights. I want lights like these, I thought, so last week I found some on Amazon. They came in this week and I hung them up the first chance I got. But would you consider this yard work, Erika? I am asking myself. Not exactly, but I am going to consider yard decorating as yard work from this point on!

The yard decorating did’t stop there. I bought a few things to spruce up the back deck – more like hide the parts that are broken – and if I can bring myself to do the other thing I don’t want to do today – go to the dump – I am going to take a look at outdoor furniture for once before it is on clearance and I can’t find anything. This WILL be the year I have a nicely decorated backyard! (Anyone that has been reading this blog from the beginning knows that this is my regular spring time proclamation. It’s gonna be different this year I tell ya!)

Moving on to the title of today’s post, Five Things Friday. Five things I am thankful for from this week, in no particular order:

1. The sunshine! This is the number one thing that made my week. I have been spending time out in it, even if it’s just to sit on the back deck for 20 minutes at a time listening to the frogs and watching the birds.

2. Stephen was home at a more regular time this week compared to the last several weeks. He has another major project going on and lots of hours have been spent making sure everything is working as it should.

3. My backyard string lights.

4. Spending time with and taking to a friend. My social life with friends has been pretty limited lately, and I got to meet up with a friend this week. It was short but sweet. It was nice to see her beautiful face and spend some time together. Also, I got to text talk a friend that I hadn’t in a while and that was refreshing.

5. Lastly for the week, I am thankful for the last 21 years of having a son. And if I thought the week flew by, the last 21 years have been a flash!

Ethan and Yuki, ten years ago.

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