I blinked and the month passed by. And what a month it was! A lot of ups and downs for me, and the busiest I’ve been in several months, but a lot got done in February. If I tell you all the details, this post will be way too long. So instead, I will fill you in on the highlights.

The first couple weeks of the month started out with the decision to be landlords. Several days were spent working on house related things for this and the screening process of finding renters. I had a very big interest in the rental house, and I am happy to say we got it rented a lot sooner than I expected, before it was even ready actually. 🙂

Mid month, Stephen and I made a two day trip to Nashville. He had some goings on at the state capitol for two half days, so we got an Air B and B and made the best of it. Aspen joined us and it was her first spend the night somewhere else trip. She did well. My only complaint about this trip was that it rained almost the whole entire time! And I am talking downpouring rain, the kind that still gets you wet even under an umbrella – and I am so happy I actually had an umbrella. We spent a good amount of time in the downtown area on foot, so that umbrella at least kept our upper bodies kind of dry as we were looking for a guitar shop and a nice place to eat.

The last of the month was spent pruning muscadine vines, between the rain storms. It’s rained so much lately and Sunday was the first day in probably two weeks that I had seen the sun shine. Those days and days of dreary weather really bring me down. This week I am soaking up all the sunshine that I can! It’s an instant mood booster that I absolutely needed.

Now it’s March. Before I know it it will be summer, and then I will wake up and it will be 2023. Thanks to all you for sticking around. ❤

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