Moseying Along the Tennessee Wine Trail

Blooms and Vines

Natchez Hills Winery

Natchez Hills

Natchez Hills vines

Amber Falls Winery

Amber Falls Vines

It started about two summers ago. We made a trip one Sunday afternoon to a nearby winery and found out it was part of this wine trail that isn’t too far from home. We had big plans to continue on, tasting and trying all the wine along the way, but that was almost two years ago.  We’ve not made much progress,until this week.

I was alone one Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I am never alone on a Friday afternoon.  I had some free time and I thought to take a peek at some upcoming events that might be happening over towards the big city, and what did I find? A blues and BBQ day at one of the wineries from the trail.  A day at a winery has proven to be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, so why not give this one a try.  It sounded like delicious fun to me.

We made the trek, only this time leaving Yuki dog behind, and headed out towards the middle of the state.  The boy had an ipod stocked full of new games so he didn’t grumble too much.  Tennessee is a pretty big state in case you didn’t know, but a mere hour and a half later, we were at the Natchez Hills Winery.  The wine was good, and the BBQ wasn’t that bad either.  (The only meal of the day so come to think of it, it was really good!)  There was music and friendly company; it couldn’t have gotten much better.  And then, we reminded ourselves that there was another stop just down the road, Amber Falls Winery.  We packed up and headed west.  Unfortunately, we missed the live music at our next destination, but there was still plenty of time to try the wine.  There was quite a bit more to choose from at this place, and the owners of both venues were some very nice, talkative folks.

After all was said and done we made it back home with four bottles of wine more than we started the day with, and even several empty ones.  Not that we drank so much while we were out, but that the nice people of one winery were more than glad to give us their empties – I being an aspiring winemaker myself.  There were a few good wines that we liked that day, and I would definitely make the trip again.

Now, we have one stop left on the list.  Yes, it was a good day down the Natchez Trace Wine Trail if you ask me.

*PS – I should have a Thursday Thrift post up tomorrow.  It has been a busy week, and I haven’t had a free moment for any outfit photos.

Surely there is someone who was wondering why I was writing about wineries today instead of thrifty finds.  Maybe just one person…?

3 Replies to “Moseying Along the Tennessee Wine Trail”

  1. Ooh, this looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit a winery, but have never gotten around to it: it does look like a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


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