A Very Friday, Thursday Thrift

casual outfit

casual outfit for a Friday

It is a casual Friday opposed to a Thrifty Thursday this week, readers.  Sometimes every other Thursday just catches me off guard, and before I realize, it is time for another Thursday Thrift post and I haven’t even gotten my laundry done from the week before.  I would probably be in trouble if I did this every Thursday.  Not being up to speed on laundry though doesn’t usually hinder my outfit selections for the blog, but what does hinder my outfit posts is the time to get a good photo.

This week, my Thursday Thrift is taking a bit of a casual turn.  Although, all of the outfits I post on the blog are actual, everyday outfits that I do wear, so I guess you could call them all casual.  But this week’s is very casual for my normal attire.  I think I have been wearing pants a bit more than usual the last couple of weeks.  And probably the weather has something to do with that; not quite cool enough for tights, and yet not quite warm enough for bare legs.  So pants it has been.

I am kind of happy to be wearing these pants this week, even though they are only a plain pair of brown pants.  You see, I got them probably two years ago in the middle of summer and haven’t worn them once.  A yard sale find for only a quarter, but not appropriate for summer, and a little too snug for winter.  This spring, they fit perfectly!  I guess those few pounds I have been working to get rid of have finally gone away.

So, a nice pair of brown, wide legged trousers – that fit – for this week’s Thursday Thrift.  What items have you recently thrifted?  Leave me a link.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Outfit details:  Shirt – Maurice’s // Pants – Cato (thrifted) // Necklace – Cato // Shoes – Doc Martens

4 Replies to “A Very Friday, Thursday Thrift”

  1. I like your casual trousers – they are a nice modest wide leg fit – just like the sort I am looking for.
    I have been looking for some in my local charity shop for several weeks but no luck yet. They have plenty of skinny jeans in my size but I don’t like the image. I am still keen to maintain my modest standards of dress – even though I now wear trousers.



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