The Third Weekend in February

Cub Lake Bridge (marine)

View of Cub Lake

I like to pretend I am a photographer from time to time, and this weekend my guy, the real photographer of the family, finally said yes to my nagging request, and let me drag the family out for some photos at the lake down the road.

It was a really nice day, no jacket required.  There was plenty of sunshine and the lake even looked alright considering all of the winter trees surrounding it.  Had we waited a few more weeks, we would probably have had some more green in the background rather than the stick colored backdrop of the day.

I am much more comfortable taking family photos with strangers around than I am of taking photos of myself.  However, there weren’t many strangers at the lake which was a surprise to me.  I thought for sure the weather would have brought out a few others, but no, it was mostly us.  Only two other people walked across the bridge while we were there.

Fishing at Cub LakeThe boy was more agreeable to photos with his fishing pole nearby.

Two of us (resize)I think my guy was just happy not to have to be the one taking the photos.

How was your weekend?  After today, I am more anxious for spring than I was before.