Dear Diary, I Mean Blog…

Mary Jane Doc Martens
snow on Saturday

Sunday, February 9th:  I am starting to wonder if the sun is ever gonna come back out.  It was another dreary, grey day and I am getting tired of it.  It snowed yesterday, which was kind of weird, but nothing stuck.  Today was a bit warmer than it has been, but it has been 8 days since the sun has shined.  I am hopeful for a small glimpse perhaps this coming week.

As for today, despite the weather, it was a nice family day.  We went to the city for bagels and an afternoon out.  Then, off to the family property.  There was mud everywhere but nothing to worry about when wearing a pair of Doc’s.  Speaking of which, I have two shoes to knock off of my, to be saved list: pair 14 – which I wore yesterday – and pair 15 – worn today.

retro style dress with Doc Martens Doc Martens and a skirtThe evening was nice and relaxing; no homework, no studying, and no housework to catch up on, just a sewing machine and some scrap material to work with.  I figured out how to oil my serger, and I was right when thinking it needed it.  Everything is moving smoothly now and I have the beginnings of a new dress.  I am improvising with this one, and so far so good.  I just need to raid my material stash and find something to make the skirt part with.  I think I will save that for next week though…

Monday, February 10th:  Mondays are never fun, and this one in particular I was not ready for.  I didn’t get enough sleep last night and it was harder than usual to wake up.  I hate starting the week tired, especially when it is gonna be a busy one – complete with me running every day of it.  I have slacked off at the gym and also at home on my treadmill, but I am back to it all and it started early this morning.

The rest of the day went okay.  I snapped out of my sleepiness pretty quickly, and I was very happy for the easy school day that it ended up being.  I totally forgot to make an eye appointment, and I am down to my last pair of contacts, oh no!  Better remember that tomorrow…

instagram sunriseOh, and the sun came out today, finally, and it was beautiful!

Tuesday, February 11th:  It was a traveling day for school today and I truly enjoyed the drive. Even though it was 15 degrees when we were getting ready to leave, the shining sun made the temperature seem not as bad.  That is two days in a row of sunshine!  A friend told me last week how much she missed the sunshine too, and I totally agree with her thinking on not being able to live somewhere like Seattle. Sun is good!

Today was probably my busiest day of the week and I am happy to report an evening workout at the gym was included.  Two days on a running machine of some sort completed!

I felt good today, I recently cut out some of the junk I have been eating, and I already feel an extra boost of energy. Or was it from that extra cup of coffee that I had? Either way, it was a really good day.

Wednesday, February 12th:  Two days until payday and that means two days until shopping.  Got all of my lists in order, and unfortunately, the shopping will be of the grocery and house sort, not of the frivolous and fun sort.  Maybe there is a few dollars in there for something unnecessary though… I guess I won’t know until Friday.

There was lots of school work today to make for an easy tomorrow and Friday.  Today just may be competing with yesterday for busiest of the week.  Only difference is that I didn’t have to travel as far.

Thursday, February 13:  Spring showed up and I spent the day appropriately taking advantage of it by planting more grape vines – 30 plus more to be exact.  The boy and I were happy helpers, and also got a bonus dose of vitamin D.  It was a pretty good workout, in my opinion, walking back and forth through the vineyard for most of the day, so I didn’t bother with my running.  Finished the day off with a night out for dinner.

vineyard to be

Friday, February 14th:  Ah, finally Friday!  I am so happy for the weekend to almost be here.  It is a running around kind of day, so I will probably get out of my normal Friday at home stuff.

Signing off the internet for the day as well, so for those of you still reading this really long blog post about my not really exciting week, I hope you have a great day and a fun weekend!

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    1. The work has yet to begin. I am wondering how many gallons a season we are gonna have to be picking and doing things with… But how can you call the fun things work? 😉


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