Black and White With Birds All Over

Persunmall bird dressPersunmall dressWinter is gonna be winter all season long it seems, and since I have a winter weather appropriate wish list with, I decided to take advantage of some store credit that I had.  My wish list has come to me, and last week I received my first item from the site.  Today, you all get to read about my thoughts on this black and white dress, that just happens to be covered in birds.  Or, the pigeon dress, as my boy so lovingly refers to it.  (Although, they don’t look like pigeons to me.)

flying birds print dressLately, I have stepped into the world of getting my clothes online.  This dress makes the second online order I have made in the last month.  I loved the dress when I first saw it.  A year ago I might not have given a bird dress a second thought, but after seeing so many similarly printed dresses around the fashion world lately, I had a different mind set when I found this one.  These days everyone is putting a bird on it, right?  Birds and all, I liked the look of the dress and I was still happy with it when it arrived at my front door.

bird dress The material is great, very stretchy, and kind of thicker than I expected it to be.  It washes well, and dried very fast.  (I usually hang all of my dresses to dry to help keep the colors from fading.  Whether it really helps or not, I don’t know.)  I love the sleeve length, not too long and not too short.  The dress came with a belt, but I was not really impressed with that feature, and decided against wearing it.  I am trying to accessorize more with belts these days, but wasn’t feeling it with this dress.  Plus, the belt had a gold clasp, not a fan, and it immediately started to show some wear in the form of small cracks in the creases.

The one thing I didn’t like about the dress was the overall length.  It was a bit on the short side.  With thick tights or leggings this is fine by me, but bare legs will be a no.  I went with the size medium after looking at the sizing chart on the site, and I am glad that I did.  Even being a medium, it is a little snug under the arms; I am really glad I didn’t go with my usual small.

So, my second attempt at shopping online for a dress was more of a success than my first.  How much longer is winter, again?  Maybe I need a few more things from that wishlist of mine

How do you feel about the whole birds on dresses trend?  Should you like this dress enough to get one of your own, it is available here.

*I received this dress from in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.  Clicking on some links may result in me earning store credit.

6 Replies to “Black and White With Birds All Over”

  1. Adorable! It can be kind of hard to pull off the whole-animals-on-clothing thing, but this dress does it! Maybe I’ll wear it to work on a day I know we have a lot of hawks & owls coming in. 😉


    1. Thank you! I was really happy with the dress, and it is the only one of its kind in my wardrobe. It is not everyday I come across a bird dress that I like. 🙂


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