Springtime in the Vineyard

springtime vines

springtime in the vineyard vines

I have more about spring for you all today.  It is just popping up everywhere!  I can’t remember ever being so excited for it, or even paying this much attention to it, but for some reason seeing all of these green leaves showing up all over the place is just making me happier and happier everyday.

This time of the year, however, the good days are competing with the wet and dreary ones, so I am making sure to keep my camera on hand at all times.  A wet and dreary day just may turn into a nice and wonderful one in a moments notice.  Last Sunday was one such nice and wonderful day, and it was beautiful for all of it.  We started it off early with a trip to the family farm to check in on the vineyard and do a little bit of mowing.  The boy was in charge of the grass and weeds while I was taking pictures, and my guy was walking around looking at animal tracks and getting bit by those pesky springtime bugs.

springtime in the vineyard bee

springtime in the vineyard blueberry blooms

Everything is looking great!  I was even happily surprised to see some small little blooms on the newly planted blueberries.  It is hard to believe that in a few years’ time, that piece of land has gone from grass, to flowers, to vines.

April 2011
April 2011 – a field of winter wheat
June 2011 - sunflower field
June 2011 – a sunflower field
Dec 2012 - newly planted muscadine vineyard
Dec 2012 – a newly planted muscadine vineyard
April 2015 - a two year old vineyard
April 2015 – a two year old vineyard

I have to say, I like it much better in its current state as a growing vineyard.  Don’t you just love spring!

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