This Week’s High Five

Mary Jane Magnolia

How about that, it is earlier than noon and I am getting the chance to write a blog post.  Friday mornings used to be the one morning of the week where I could sit down, uninterrupted for a good hour, and blog.  Lately, not so much.  Today, however, I will enjoy every minute of it.  I keep getting this feeling that there is something I need to do though, and that maybe I should go and check my calendar just to make sure I don’t have anything planned, but I am just gonna rely on my memory and say I’ve got the time.

How was everybody’s week?  There was enough going on with mine that I am very happy it is Friday and that the weekend is just around the corner.  I am about worn out and really contemplated sleeping in a bit this morning, but got up to the smell of coffee and decided not to go back to bed.  (I did set the coffee to make the night before, so there was a little sleeping in on my part this morning, even if it was just 20 minutes.  It helped.)  Now for the five highlights of my week, in no particular order.

1.)  Seeing spring.  Remember when I said I couldn’t wait for spring and when I did I was gonna take pictures of it?  I’ve been seeing it all sorts this week, and have plenty of pictures to prove it.  Most of my pictures are of flowers, but there was one other sign of spring that I was able to get a picture of this week, a snake.

spring snake

EJ was out walking the dog and when he came in he asked me if I wanted to see something cool.  He also said to bring my camera, he knows me pretty well.  It was a neat find.  I never want to stumble across snakes without some kind of heads up while out in the yard, and that is usually how I find them, by surprise.  This guy was far enough away from our yard and didn’t find me I found him, but after posing for a few pictures, he quickly slithered away towards our place.  Maybe I will see him again, but I am pretty sure there won’t be a camera in hand when I do.

2.)  Driving my car.  This may be a silly one, but my car has been parked for the last couple of weeks and I have been driving around in our truck.  Our wonderful, back-up vehicle that lacks cold air when the air conditioner is on.  This is not usually a problem, but it got warm and a little humid this week.  So getting the Mini out for a drive, even if it was just to drive it back to the mechanic, was a nice change.  Also, since my car is at the mechanic, it means I will have it all fixed up and ready to drive through the hot summer.  Both me and the boy have missed my car.


3.)  Roller Skating.  This may become a regular monthly event.  I really enjoy it, and so does the boy, although he would have enjoyed himself more if he had remembered his roller blades.  The skating rink we go to is old school and only has roller skates for use.  My boy is most definitely not ‘old school’.


4.)  Firebirds.  Taking ones car to the mechanic is never really a good thing, but we made the best of the trip at least, and since we were in Memphis already, we planned to make it a dinner date.  We went somewhere different and splurged a bit.  Anything to make going to Memphis a little bit better, right?  It was worth it, and we had a very nice time.  Drinks and dessert were included.


5.)  With last nights dinner under my belt, it is a good thing I have new workout clothes for the gym.  Here is another silly thing to be showing up on the highlights of my week, but for me, getting something new has a way of making me smile, even if it is just a couple of pairs of workout leggings.  And not just any old pair of leggings, but Nike leggings.  I feel so athletic!  I am even more happy about that fact that these didn’t cost me as much as I would have thought.  A good pair of leggings makes working out just a bit better.  And hurray for sale items at Kohl’s!


And there you go, my week, as highlighted by a few, silly little things.  Now, my time is up and I must go finish off my leftover pasta from dinner before I put on my new leggings and jump on the treadmill.  Have a wonderful Friday, everyone, and I hope you all do something fun this weekend!

2 Replies to “This Week’s High Five”

  1. I have a MINI Cooper S also, I love it! Had a similar problem with the air. Except my heater was blowing out cold air in the middle of winter. Turns out it was my thermostat. I hope you get your car fixed 🙂

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    1. Really!? I had the exact same problem with my Mini a couple of weeks ago, blowing cold air while the heater was on. It was the thermostat too, and upon fixing that I found out my timing chain guide was broken. Grr! That’s what is being taken car of now. Aside from that, I do love my car! 😊

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