Spring Sewing Plans

I have been thinking of sewing more than actual sewing these days.  My current project has been hanging up on display in my room for over a month now, neatly fastened with a clothespin where the zipper will one day go.  All those new patterns I have purchased in the last month haven’t even been cut into.  I also have some pretty amazing looking fabric, washed and folded (but not yet ironed), by my sewing table just waiting to be turned into something wonderful – they will be dresses, no doubt.

Since it is finally spring, I don’t have to feel the pressure of making something weather appropriate.  Although, I never feel the pressure of making something weather appropriate.  ALL of my dresses seem to be made for spring or summer.  Okay, what I meant to say was that I was consciously looking for spring-like prints when I made my last fabric purchase, and now I am gonna tell you all a little bit about them.

I love black clothes, and a few years back I finally started to notice that I had way too much of it.  This was around the time I started sewing more frequently, and I have since steered clear of this color almost completely while shopping for material.  I have put black into two categories, to be worn at the gym and to be worn in winter.  So, why did I buy this black material for a spring make?  For starters, it isn’t just black, and I thought the tulip-like flowers said spring well enough.  Also, it just goes perfectly with polka dots, and I had to have it.  Enough said.  I have plans for this to be a another Serendipity Studio dress.  This time I am going with the Bebe pattern.  I haven’t made this dress before but I don’t expect any difficulties with this project, I just need to get to cutting it out.  (P.S. I am probably going to go with the sleeveless version.)

Sew Serendipity Bebe dress

Then there is this blue, geometric design fabric that I think is wonderful.  I had another Simplicity 1803 in mind, but thought I should go with something else since I recently bought so many new patterns.  It will be a Tracy Reese Vogue 1433.  I just need to get some material to line it because I am gonna make it exactly as called for, despite my dislike of lining dresses.  Also, I am a little intimidated by this one.  The pattern does say EASY so it shouldn’t be as bad as I am thinking.

Vogue 1433

And lastly from my specifically-for-spring material purchase, this that is probably the most spring-like yet.  I am on the fence about what pattern to use.  I have so many new ones, like I said, I feel I should try one of them out, but a Marilyn dress with a navy or yellow polka dotted band seems like it would be perfect…  I may make this one last since I haven’t completely made up my mind yet.

Sew Serendipity Marilyn dress

I am set, I have a plan and now all I need is the time to get to it.  It is technically spring for almost three months, so I should have plenty of time to turn these lovely fabrics into dresses.

Any sewing plans on your table?  Has anyone made any of these yet?  Let me know.