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A Dress Named Ava

I’ve got a Me-Made-Monday post for you all today.  This is my Monthly Stitch make for week one of Indie Pattern Month, and I actually posted over on that site last week.  Today, you all over here can read about it.  I’m hoping to get another pattern cut […]

The Cookie Jar Dress

I started this one back in June or July.  All it really needed was to be attached at the waist and hemmed; but there it was, hanging on my sewing valet as an unfinished project. For some reason I did not like it.  Number one reason: I was […]

A Dress Named Matilda

Tell me there is nothing wrong with naming my dresses.  This one looked like a Matilda to me.  (I just so happen to really like the name Matilda.  My boy thinks I am crazy.) Craziness aside, I am on a dressmaking binge.  I have made a new dress […]

2015 Fall Sewing Plans…

Hello, Monday!  I am here, maybe not entirely ready to start this week off, but still here nonetheless.  I had a very busy Sunday; far busier than I had expected.  It was the first day of hunting season where I am, and my guys made it out for […]