Hello, Monday!  I am here, maybe not entirely ready to start this week off, but still here nonetheless.  I had a very busy Sunday; far busier than I had expected.  It was the first day of hunting season where I am, and my guys made it out for the morning while I got a start at some wine for fall.  This year’s harvest is being put to work, and I only hope I got everything measured up and started alright.  I spent more time than I ever have getting this wine going, and I am a little concerned about one batch.  I can’t really do anything but wait at this point, and I will know more come Wednesday.  In the mean time, let me divert my attention to dressmaking and this wonderful time of the year that finds me in my sewing corner more than usual.

I have plans, everyone, sewing plans; and today I am gonna put them out here on the world wide web for you all to know about.  First, I think I am going to go back to my one dress per month schedule.  That will give me, for sure, three new dresses by the end of this year.  And, it gives me the chance to make some things that I have never made before.  This plan also takes some of the pressure off of me as far as deciding what to make next, and it gives me the time to get my material and such in order.  I know though, that this preset schedule will not limit me in any way.  I have a few remakes that I am sure I will have the time to get done too.  I am pretty sure I won’t just have three new dresses by the time winter comes around.

First on my list (and this list doesn’t necessarily have to be in any particular order), McCall’s 7115:

McCalls 7115     M7115

This is a romper/dress which I think will be perfect for fall with a nice pair of leggings and some boots.  I am gonna go with the dress version, and I should already have material for it.

Next, McCalls 6833:



This one is going to be my fancy dress for the year.  I am going with version C, and I also have the material for this one.  All I need is some of that pretty lace trim and probably something for the underskirt, as I see I am going to have to make one of those with it.  Oh, and probably something for the lining.  Guess I am going to have to make one of those.

Lastly on my official sewing list for fall, a Lisette B6168:



I was really happy with the other Lisette dress that I made (the Blown Away dress), and I just love the details of this one, so it had to be on here.  I am going to have to get some material for this make, and I am not sure what it will be yet, but I do have this material in my must buy now list:

typewriter material

Whether it will work for this dress, or will be for one of my remakes, I am not sure yet.  But I am buying it next chance I get.

I have so many patterns that I haven’t even made yet, a sewing schedule will be the perfect opportunity to get some of them finally into my closet.  I am excited for this fall’s dressmaking season.

One more thing before I go, I know I have shown you all this one before, Tracy Reese for Vogue 1433, but I chickened out on making it last time.



I think I will start it some time this fall and have it as an ongoing project.  I really am completely intimidated by these Vogue patterns.  I am going to try and find a similarly printed fabric, because it just looks so perfect on the pattern sleeve.  Hopefully I can get that done by the time my spring sewing list comes out.  I won’t hold my breath though, the thought of it still makes me very nervous.

How about you, any sewists that have made any of these?  How about Vogue patterns, are they as scary to make as they seem?  I’d love to hear all your feedback.

Thanks for reading!

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