There is one thing you need to have to blog more, time.  I haven’t had enough of it this week, and when I was going to sit down and pre-write some posts last Sunday, I was instead cleaning, cleaning, and then cleaning some more.  It has been one busier than usual week!

Apologies for my lack of anything other than a sewing to do list and an all about my life post.  (I know probably nobody is taking notes on what kind of posts I am putting up here.)  It has been awhile since I have done a Friday Five kind of post though, and as I was scrolling my Instagram feed this morning, I saw a couple pop up so I thought I would do one too.  Here they are, my five highlights of the week, in no particular order:

  1. Farming.  This is something that a few years back I would have never expected to get to do, but now, and on a tractor, farming is pretty cool!  It’s even better when the weather is not so hot and the boy gets to do most of the work.  It made for a great, outdoor classroom activity on Wednesday.

EJ farming

ET farming

2.  Winemaking.  How many times will you keep having this one on these lists? I might hear someone asking.  Well, since it is always a highlight of the week when it happens, and especially when it takes up so much time, I suppose it will show up every now and again.  Batches two and three of this growing season’s muscadines were started, and I have only one more left to go with what we picked from the vineyard this summer.  That one will be a couple of weeks away, but for now, my work is with 11 gallons that I presently have fermenting.  I will know shortly if and how they are coming along.

step one, cleaning and set up

3. Closet organizing.  This being a highlight is still questionable.  I had the great idea to do some rearranging in my closet – must have had something to do with that dream closet post – but then realized it was a bigger task than I was prepared for on a spur of the moment whim.  I now have drawers of stuff with no where to go, and more clothes piled up in my bedroom than I would like.  This however, made way for a more organized sewing spot, which I am happy about.  So I guess it wasn’t all a bad idea.

not a very dream-like closet if you ask me

4. Sweater weather.  It is finally here!  I love weather this time of the year, and on Wednesday night, I had to pull out my ratty ole black sweater from the back of my car to wear on the way home from the gym.  Which reminds me, I need to find myself a nicer looking, everyday black sweater.

humidity, you don't bother me when the highs are in the 60's
humidity, you don’t bother me one bit when the highs are in the 60’s

5.  Lastly, and the most exciting I think, vacation planning.  We started that this week.  It finally starts to feel like it’s happening when you start making reservations.  We are planning on going to Florida, and the boy is gonna ride all the rides this time!  We can’t wait.

last Orlando trip 2011
last Orlando trip 2011

That’s all I have for you today.  I am excited about the weekend.  I have been trying to get more sleep lately, and I may have gotten a few hours more than usual this week, but I still could use a little extra, and that happens tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it!  Have a nice, restful weekend, everyone!

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