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My 2018 Make Nine

#2018MakeNine, it’s a thing on social media, specifically Instagram.  I saw lots of posts about it last year, but just didn’t get on the bandwagon then.  This year, I think I will. It’s hosted by Rochelle, who blogs over on, and you can find her on Instagram […]

Etsy Endeavor

A good Monday morning to you all!  The day is moving along nicely for me and I’m happy to have a little bit of time on the computer before I throw myself into all that this day has in store. I’ve got a little bit of shop talk […]

B6453 Sew Along

Hello there this fine Monday morning!  Maybe it’s a little on the early side, since I am getting a go at this post Sunday night.  I have a post about sewing; it’s about time!  It’s been months since I’ve had any motivation to sew.  In fact, the last […]

2015 Fall Sewing Plans…

Hello, Monday!  I am here, maybe not entirely ready to start this week off, but still here nonetheless.  I had a very busy Sunday; far busier than I had expected.  It was the first day of hunting season where I am, and my guys made it out for […]

Sew Serendipity Bebe dress

Spring Sewing Plans

I have been thinking of sewing more than actual sewing these days.  My current project has been hanging up on display in my room for over a month now, neatly fastened with a clothespin where the zipper will one day go.  All those new patterns I have purchased […]

handmade dress

Me Made May ’14 Complete

Since I made last Monday’s outfit a part of the last week’s round up, these last five days of the month were all about wearing me mades, but I am finally done.  There were no breaks between days this week so I had to put some consideration into […]