Me Made May ’14: Week Three

Only one week left, it has gone by so fast!  I really had hoped I would exceed my original expectations of five handmade items each week, but maybe 1/3 of my hand mades are velvety and it is just way too hot.

For this week, here is what I wore:

Simplicity 3833

Monday, May 19th:  Simplicity 3833 dress from January.  After wearing this dress for the third time, I don’t like the feel of the neckline.  It is too high for my tastes, so when I make this again, I am gonna cut it just a bit lower.  I won’t let it bother me too much with this one though, and I won’t be getting rid of it anytime soon.  Sorry for the wrinkly looking dress, once again.  The only problem with cotton material, it doesn’t take long to look like it wasn’t ironed at all.  (Dress – Simplicity 3833 // Shoes – Chic)

New Look 6143 as a skirt

Friday, May 23rd:  The boy and I went went out for the afternoon and this was an easy outfit to come up with.  I had a belt on and the shirt tucked in, but at the last minute second guessed my choice and went like this.  The skirt is a little higher waisted than most of my others and not a style I wear that often.  This was supposed to be the original dress for December, but I messed up the bodice, had no extra material, so ended up with just the skirt portion.  I made a band for it on my own and put in an invisible zipper.  It passes for a dressed up look, and even with a t-shirt to be dressed down.  (Dress – New Look 6143 // Shirt – Maurice’s // Shoes – No boundaries // Necklace – handmade)

Simplicity 6730 skirt

Saturday, May 24th:  I am trying to wear some of my more recent items or those that don’t get worn as often, but on Saturday, I didn’t put forth much effort and went with this skirt that I do wear more often than others.  It is from my worn out New Look skirt pattern and I really love the material.  (Skirt – New Look 6730 // Shirt – Mudd // Shoes – Doc Martens // Necklace – handmade)

Simplicity skirt 5100

Sunday, May 25th:  After a morning of yard work, it was off to the city for a fun afternoon out.  Lunch and pattern shopping included (Joanne’s had Simplicity patterns 5 for $5.00).  This skirt is my me-made for this day.  (Skirt – Simplicity 5100 // Shirt – Daisy Fuentes // Shoes – Doc Martens // Necklace – Claire’s)

McCalls dress 8100

Monday, May 26th:  That would be today, and I know I am supposed to be showing outfits from last week, but since it is a long weekend, I am counting today with last week.  I don’t have too much planned.  This morning I need to catch up on some laundry and clean up from being home the last couple of days.  If it doesn’t rain later today, hopefully I will find myself spending the afternoon/early evening fishing out at the lake.  I’m wearing this dress that came from a pattern I got back in high school.  It was one of the first patterns that I used when I was learning how to sew.  (Dress – McCalls 8100 // Shirt – Mudd // Shoes – Doc Martens)

And that’s all for now.  My last week of Me Made May starts tomorrow…


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