What’s In Your Purse?

Old Navy bag

Or what’s in your bag if you’re like me and prefer the term bag to purse.  I was recently contacted by CreditCardInsider.com and asked this specific question as part of a current campaign they have going on with a handful of bloggers called What’s In Your Purse?.  This has nothing to do with credit cards or finances, so don’t worry, I’m not gonna be taking about anything like that.  Instead, I’m gonna give you all a peek into what I tend to carry with me at all times.  It is kind of a fun thought when you think about it, what do people have in those humongous bags/purses that they carry around?

What's in my bag

You know some ladies are more of bag ladies opposed to shoe ladies.  I would like to consider myself more of a shoe girl lately, but my guy would beg to differ.  He has always thought I could do without any more bags, especially since I happen to have a trunk full of them sitting in the corner of our bedroom.  I do love a nice bag; however, I prefer mine to be more on the smaller side as opposed to those that can fit everything including the kitchen sink.  As long as there is enough room to carry my essentials, I am good.  And for me, the essentials happen to be these:

What's In Your Purse

1.  My wallet.  Everywhere I go, I need this one.  Whether it be the local mall – Walmart, the gas station, or out to dinner (I am happy I still get carded when I wanna enjoy a drink at one of my favorite restaurants), I must have at the least one thing that I keep in here: my handy dandy debit/credit card, maybe a twenty or two, or my ID.  This is the one most essential part of my bag.

2.  My camera.  I never leave home without it.  You never know when you are gonna need to snap a photo or two and I usually find that I snap way more than that on an everyday basis.

3.  Since I have my camera, I have to have the Gorilla Pod with me at all times.  It does come in handy more often that you’d think.

4.  This is a weird one, a pair of socks.  I spend some time at friends’ houses, and it rains a lot here, so taking your shoes off to go inside is sometimes necessary.  I don’t like to be barefoot if I can help it, especially in the winter, so I always keep a pair of socks on hand.

5.  A cosmetic bag of random what-nots.  Here you’ll find lotion, perfume oil, one of my lip balms, maybe a small mirror or an extra necklace.  I also use it to put my sunglasses in when I’m out and about.

6.  Lip balm, x 3.  This is something I can never keep track of even though it is almost always with me.  I get chapped lips very easily and I am constantly rummaging though my bag looking for some lip balm that I can never find.  I keep one, or two, in almost every available pocket.

7.  A pair of headphones.  I use to keep these in my car for when I go to the gym, but I sometimes leave them in my pocket and they get taken inside the house.  I have a spare in my bag so when I do show up to work out without a pair, I am covered.  Although, my spare purse pair gets put in my pocket pretty often as well and I end up at the gym without them even still.

8.  Mace.  It’s just a good thing to have.  I have never needed this one, and I hope I never do.

9.  Contact lens solution.  I never know when I might need to fix an uncomfortable lens, and to tell you the truth, I can’t remember the last time I did need this.  But the one day I don’t have it, is sure to be the day I need it the most.

10.  Lastly, my Iphone.  It in itself contains so much and I always have it with me.  I am even known by some of my friends as the one you can count on to get a hold of.

Now, the whole world knows what I carry with me at all times, and even what my current bag of choice looks like.  (It’s an Old Navy bag in case you were wondering.)  I definitely have my share of bags, but surely not enough to be considered a bag lady!  And now that I’ve examined this bag some, it’s looking a little faded.  Maybe it’s time for one more…

How about you, what’s in your purse?

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