High Five, It’s Friday!

Tennessee wild flowers

You might be seeing this topic come up every now and again over here, what can I say, I like it.  Here’s the third time you’ve seen it if you are a fairly regular reader.

It was a fast week this week, Monday being Memorial day, so of course the rest of it just flew by.  That is sometimes not such a bad thing, especially for those who have a M-F work week.  Well the weekend is upon us, so for those of you who do have a M-F week, you just have to make it through today.

For me, overall, the week was great – as is most often the case – a nice stress-free, laid back last week of May.  And my five highs for this week…

fishing in TN

1.  Fishing.  We did make it out onto the lake Monday and even though it was close to ninety degrees in the late afternoon, we had a wonderful time.  Everyone caught at least one fish – most were about this size so nothing came home with us.  Still it was lots of fun, and we were just about the only ones out on the water.

2.  Rain.  Just when it was starting to look like the gardens were gonna need some watering, it started to rain.  Initially, the forecast wasn’t calling for much, but then it all changed and suddenly, three days of consistent on and off showers.  It helped with my two month old allergies and they have finally started to subside.  I love the rain in the summertime when the sun comes out every so often between downpours.  Unlike the rainy days of winter that seem to be dark and gray for way too long.  Plus, it’s always nice when the rain comes without a chance of severe weather.

3.  Queen Anne’s Lace.  This would be what you see in the first photo and it is becoming one of my favorite wildflowers (or weeds depending on how you look at it).  Right now it is blooming everywhere.  I just love taking pictures of it – it looks much better in a larger sized photo.  Maybe it’s the neat little nest-like look it has just before it starts to open up, or how it kind of reminds me of a little white umbrella.  Perhaps I’m drawn to it because it’s one of the first identifiable wildflowers I have come to be able to spot.  It and thistle, I think they are so pretty!  I am really thinking about digging both up from the fields and planting them in my vacant flower bed.  The weeds just grow without any help out here.

himemade wine

4.  Wine.  And not just any wine, our very own Cavia Creek wine.  No more trips to the wine store when we fancy a glass with dinner.  All we do is go to the utility room and pick out a bottle.  It is tasting much better now compared to a couple of months ago when we first tried this batch.  And I have another two batches that I will be starting up within the next week.

5.  Family and friends.  I took some time to enjoy the little moments with them this week.  Those conversations we have every night over dinner.  Talking to friends while working on my quilt.  Reading with my boy in the middle of the afternoon.  Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the time that we have with eachother, and it’s nice to stop for a few minutes and really take in all the things we get to do with the ones we love.

Well, that is all for my high five post this week.  I am sure I could go on and on and on, but five is a good place to stop.  Until next time…

What was one of your highs from the week?

Yuki on a boat

This was Yuki’s favorite moment.

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

2 Replies to “High Five, It’s Friday!”

    1. I can’t remember my allergies bothering my this much for this long. The rain does help a lot so it’s good we’ve been having plenty of it. 🙂


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