Me Made May ’14 Complete

Since I made last Monday’s outfit a part of the last week’s round up, these last five days of the month were all about wearing me mades, but I am finally done.  There were no breaks between days this week so I had to put some consideration into what I would be wearing.  This makes spending the day in house clothes while cleaning and rearranging kind of hard.  Here are the details:

handmade dress

Tuesday, May 27th:  I spent most of the day cleaning and rearranging, in house clothes, which are not made by me, by the way.  So, for the small window of downtime, before having to get changed for the gym, I wore this dress that I made for last August.  It wouldn’t have gotten worn long anyway, because I remembered that one of the ribbon straps had frayed at the base and was about to lose its connection to the rest of the dress.  I have yet to have a set of ribbon straps not fray on the few dresses which I have used them.  Looks like I am gonna have to rummage through my scraps and repair this lovely.  Although, the material on this dress is so thin, I probably should just use it as this year’s swim suit cover up. (Dress – Stitch ‘n Save M5607 by McCall’s)

handmade skirt

Wednesday, May 28th:  No rearranging today, but plenty of cleaning to do.  I am attacking my spring cleaning late and trying to make my way through each room of the house.  I am going slow, only a room at a time, and I am putting off my closet and my boy’s room for as long as I possibly can.  It is gonna be a pretty big clean out in both of those spaces!

This day, I got a late start to my cleaning, however, and intended to spend an hour on my sewing machine first.  This skirt is not my green pineapple dress underneath a shirt, but instead a skirt all by itself.  It was supposed to be a Simplicity 7229, and it was for a few minutes, but then I tried it on, disliked the way the yoke didn’t lay flat, and cut that part off. It is now just an elastic skirt with a lace hem.  The Simplicity part of the skirt did in fact take an hour, but after the alterations the project ended up a little over my time limit.

I tried this pattern last summer with no luck, my material didn’t have enough stretch, so since I had some scraps left from the pineapple dress that was a rayon, I thought I would try it again.  My second attempt was also a fail, so maybe I’ll give it one more go.  I just need to find the perfect material.

New Look 6048

Thursday, May 29th:   I spent the afternoon at my friend’s house working on my quilt.  It was an on and off rainy day and this wearable muslin is what I wore.  It is from the New Look 6048 pattern, and I have blogged about it here.

McCall 3023

Friday, May 30th:  I went out grocery shopping and got a hair cut today.  I had the hardest time deciding what to wear.  I had only a few skirts left that hadn’t been worn and most were long, like this one.  I didn’t really feel like wearing a dress or a long skirt so I did change for the evening when I met my guy for dinner.  Plus, I can never decide what top to wear with this skirt.  I love the pattern of this material and that is the only reason I have kept it as long as I have.  I very much dislike how it fits.  Pull on skirts were my style years back, but I find a lot of them pretty unflattering now.  This is from McCall’s 3023 and it is an outdated pattern because I was only able to find it on etsy.  I will be taking this skirt apart and using the material for a different style after finally deciding I don’t like wearing it this way at all.

Simplicity 1803

Saturday, May 31st:  One of my best for last.  There really isn’t too much I can say about this dress that I haven’t already said here or here.  I love this material and this style.  It is from Simplicity 1803 and I will be making it again.

Well, that is all for Me-Made-May 2014, everyone.  I really enjoyed getting to wear the things that I have put such time and effort into making, and I thank you for following along to see what it was that I wore for the month.  I did it, my goal of 5 items a week, putting me at 20 for the month.  Not too bad, really, when compared to the five I wore for the WHOLE month last year.  I will look forward to doing this again next year, and maybe by then I will be up for something me made every single day.

Here’s the recap for the month should anyone want to take a look back:

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 

P.S – I have my most recent make for the month of May done, I’m just waiting for a chance to get some pictures taken.  I will have something else sewing related to talk about shortly…


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