It’s Time for a Makeover

Black Eyed Susan

I have been back and forth with making the switch to a self-hosted site for about a year now, if not more.  I would like to spread my blogging wings, so to say, and with some things this is not completely possible without being self-hosted.  There are plenty of pros and cons either way, but I think my biggest deterrent is the loss of a following.  Also, I have really enjoyed the community and all the great blogs I have found, or have found me, by being a part of it.  I have had this dilemma before, and even contemplated it here on the blog last year, but nothing ever came of it then, and probably nothing will come of it right now.  I know, eventually, I will make the switch, but it isn’t happening today.  So instead of taking the leap to a self-hosted site, I am looking at something new as far as themes go, and I will be trying several out over the next few weeks.

Every so often I want to do something a little different with my site, but never spend enough time getting to really use other themes, so I always end up going back to what I originally had.  Well this time, I am gonna try a few out for more than just a few hours.  Maybe write a post or two with the new layouts and see what I think before completely dismissing them.  Surely there are more than just two WordPress themes that I like…

I am really liking my first choice so far, and the biggest improvement with this one is that it lets me have more room for my photos.  As I continue on my search for a new look (even as minimal of a change that this may be – I’m still keeping my header the same), things will probably be looking a little differently around here.  I am really gonna try this time and end up with something different than I had to begin with.

The pictures have really nothing to do with today’s post, but I wanted a chance to see how much of an improvement the size change made.  And if you wanna know more about these lovely flowers, or even if you could care less, I am gonna tell you about them also.  An added bonus so it doesn’t seem like I’m just blogging about blogging.  So read on, there is a little bit more.

Black Eyed Susan alone

These are Black Eyed Susans and I found them growing in my back yard.  Look how pretty they are!  I planted so many seeds last spring in this particular area of the yard and not a single one came up.  Imagine my surprise when I was surveying my planter of weeds the other day, and saw what looked like a tall bunch of flowers.  I noticed them pre-bloom and hesitated before leaving them alone.  I was starting to sweat just by looking at what yard work needed to be done, so I decided pulling weeds would have to wait.  I kind of had an idea that this unidentified ‘weed’ might surprise me, and it did.  I am really glad it was too hot and that I just left them alone that day.  I planted several sunflower seeds in this same area yesterday after finally pulling all of the other ‘real’ weeds.  I am gonna forget all about the sunflowers for a couple of weeks and see if that will help make them grow… When I go back to check on them I am hoping for another surprise.  🙂

2 Replies to “It’s Time for a Makeover”

  1. LOVE Black Eyed Susans! And I’ve had this same thought about my blog too, don’t worry 🙂 I get a little overwhelmed at the prospect of switching to a self-hosted site, though, so I think I’ll stick with for now. Plus, like you said, I love the sense of community here!


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