And Again, It’s About Another Skirt…

thrifted outfit ideas

Hello, readers!  It’s time for more about my thrifted wardrobe and this week, no surprise, it’s all about another skirt.  I thought I had run out, and that finally I might be able to say I have worn them all, but nope, I found this one squeezed between two others that had already had their time in the spotlight.  Maybe after this one, I can really say there isn’t a single skirt left in my closet to talk about on the blog.  Maybe…

Guess from where it was thrifted?  I am much too predictable and you surely already said the Goodwill before I even got done asking my question.  Yup, another Goodwill skirt.  Have I mentioned it’s the biggest thrift store in my town?  Well, it is, and one of the only ones with regular store hours.  There are a few other local thrift stores, but it’s hard to make it to them when someone is actually there and the doors are unlocked.

This yellow-ish skirt, more of a gold color really, is one of my most favorite brands, Banana Republic.  I couldn’t pass it up, even if when I got it I wasn’t too sure that the color was for me.  Since I have recently grown to really like a little bit of color – and especially yellow – I am really glad that I have it hanging in my closet.  And even better, I have a silky top that matches it perfectly,even down to the texture of the material, that I got at Kohl’s.  I didn’t wear the skirt with that today though, because it would have made the outfit dressier than I wanted it to be for the middle of the week.

As for the Banana Republic, it’s probably a good thing the nearest one is about a 100 miles away.  I always find something there, and their prices are not nearly as cheap as some of the other stores in which I like to shop.  (H&M, I am talking about you.)  So for the time being, the Banana Republic pieces that I find at the Goodwill will do just fine.

handmade jewelry

Handmade necklace

My guy bought me the necklace about a month or so ago when we were out on the wine trail.  There were some handmade, local displays of jewelry at the wineries and this one really caught my attention.  I love the colors and the details of it, plus it was very reasonable considering it was a specialty item and all.  I was happy to have found it and to have supported a local craftsman, or crafts-woman as was the case this day.  I wished I would have saved the card.  There was an etsy shop address where I could have bought something else.  We’ll just have to go wine tasting again, so that I can buy jewelry I guess.

There you have it, an outfit inspired by a golden colored, thrifted skirt.  Thanks for checking it out.

black and gold outfit

details: Shirt – Rave || Skirt – Banana Republic (thrifted) || Shoes – Doc Martens (not pictured) || Necklace – handmade in TN

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9 Replies to “And Again, It’s About Another Skirt…”

  1. Hi! So nice to hear you have only one dress to go!! I did same kind of project in year 2011. All though I made dresses for my friends with out any patterns. It was great fun to learn how to make dresses. Your dresses and skirts looks so nice! Congrats!


    1. Thank you so much! Wow, I think it would be much harder to make dresses for others. I have thought about it, but the idea of sewing for someone else is kind of intimidating. I bet your friends were very happy with what you made them. 🙂


      1. Go ahead and try it!! I think it´s easier to make perfectly fitting clothes for other people than for myself. I was happy to make something nice for my friends! Good luck with your project. hope you continue making dresses 4ever!


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