And Again, It’s About Another Skirt…

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Hello, readers!  It’s time for more about my thrifted wardrobe and this week, no surprise, it’s all about another skirt.  I thought I had run out, and that finally I might be able to say I have worn them all, but nope, I found this one squeezed between two others that had already had their time in the spotlight.  Maybe after this one, I can really say there isn’t a single skirt left in my closet to talk about on the blog.  Maybe…

Guess from where it was thrifted?  I am much too predictable and you surely already said the Goodwill before I even got done asking my question.  Yup, another Goodwill skirt.  Have I mentioned it’s the biggest thrift store in my town?  Well, it is, and one of the only ones with regular store hours.  There are a few other local thrift stores, but it’s hard to make it to them when someone is actually there and the doors are unlocked.

This yellow-ish skirt, more of a gold color really, is one of my most favorite brands, Banana Republic.  I couldn’t pass it up, even if when I got it I wasn’t too sure that the color was for me.  Since I have recently grown to really like a little bit of color – and especially yellow – I am really glad that I have it hanging in my closet.  And even better, I have a silky top that matches it perfectly,even down to the texture of the material, that I got at Kohl’s.  I didn’t wear the skirt with that today though, because it would have made the outfit dressier than I wanted it to be for the middle of the week.

As for the Banana Republic, it’s probably a good thing the nearest one is about a 100 miles away.  I always find something there, and their prices are not nearly as cheap as some of the other stores in which I like to shop.  (H&M, I am talking about you.)  So for the time being, the Banana Republic pieces that I find at the Goodwill will do just fine.

handmade jewelry

Handmade necklace

My guy bought me the necklace about a month or so ago when we were out on the wine trail.  There were some handmade, local displays of jewelry at the wineries and this one really caught my attention.  I love the colors and the details of it, plus it was very reasonable considering it was a specialty item and all.  I was happy to have found it and to have supported a local craftsman, or crafts-woman as was the case this day.  I wished I would have saved the card.  There was an etsy shop address where I could have bought something else.  We’ll just have to go wine tasting again, so that I can buy jewelry I guess.

There you have it, an outfit inspired by a golden colored, thrifted skirt.  Thanks for checking it out.

black and gold outfit

details: Shirt – Rave || Skirt – Banana Republic (thrifted) || Shoes – Doc Martens (not pictured) || Necklace – handmade in TN

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