Me Made May ’14: Week Two

Another week of wearing homemades, and I am absolutely enjoying this challenge.  I have been keeping my eye on the Flickr, Pinterest, and blogosphere feeds of MMMay14 and I must say, I am once again truly inspired.  There are so many talented seamstresses out there with some great looking clothing.  Everything from the basics to the very special.  I have big holes in my homemade closet, no basics like shirts and such whatsoever.  Just a bunch of dresses and some skirts.  I used to have so many more skirts, but over the years many of them have been passed on to friends.  I think I will be hanging on to what I make now, for a little longer than previous years at least.

So this week, five more handmade items were worn, and it was mostly a week of dresses.

Butterick 5748

Saturday, May 10th:  I try and get a little more dressed up than usual on Saturdays, and this week I wore February’s dress.  This is from Butterick 5748 and it is one of my most favorite makes, even despite the ridiculously full, circle skirt.  It is surely a pain to hem, but there are very few pieces otherwise and it comes together pretty quickly.  Plus, it is so fun to wear.  I even bought a petticoat for it, but haven’t yet found a perfect reason to wear that.  (Blogged here.)

Blue wrap skirt

Monday, May 12th:  This blue skirt was made years ago.  I found the material in a small fabric shop way back in my Santa Fe, New Mexico shopping days.  At the time, it was some of the nicer fabric that I had and it took a little while for me to cut into it.  The black designs are a velvety material, which is what I love most about it.  I made it into this skirt from New Look 6637 that I only wore a few times before getting stuck in it.  Let me explain…  It is a wrap skirt and the last time I wore it, years ago, I knotted the ties so tightly that I had to cut them in order to get out of the skirt.  I didn’t remember fixing it, but apparently I did because all ties were intact when I pulled it out of the closet last week.

New Look 6778

Tuesday, May 13th:  School party day, and a windy day it was!  Even despite all of the gusts, it was still a great day and this dress was perfect for the seriously warm weather.  I even wore it out for dinner and drinks with my guy that evening – with much nicer shoes, of course.  New Look 6778.

casual knit dress

Thursday, May 15th:  The temps were well into the 80’s for most of the last week and a half until last Wednesday.  It rained on and off all day long, but then Thursday morning came and it was cold.  Almost a thirty degree overnight drop and it only got into the 60’s during the day.  A great day for crushed velvet and tights!  I ditched the tights in the Gap dressing room after lunch while trying on some new exercise pants, but the dress remained the perfect choice for the cooler weather.  Simplicity 9670.  (Blogged here.)

retro style dress

Saturday, May 17th:  And the last one for the week, my newest make – yet to be featured on the blog (the post is ready and waiting to be published, I just need some good outfit photos).  It’s another Simplicity 1803, first blogged about here.  I think I am obsessed with getting the perfect dress out of this pattern.  I am even thinking of making a third one because I am convinced I can get it perfect sooner or later.

There you have it, my second Me-Made round up for 2014.  Two more weeks left to go, and hopefully a few new things to make as well.  My apologies for the less than perfect picture quality this week.  I went with WordPress’s photo scaling options, and I am not happy with the results.  I’ll have better ones next time.

2 Replies to “Me Made May ’14: Week Two”

    1. Thank you! The picture kind of distorts the color a little, but it is actually closer to an orange than a red. 😉 I really like the style, but my favorite thing about it is the pattern of the material.


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