November’s Dress

20131108-115929.jpgAfter last month, when I made a summer dress in the beginning of fall, I decided to go with something for November that would be more seasonally appropriate.  The colors and material both were a great choice for this slowly changing weather.

My dress for November was made from this Simplicity pattern (9670) that I have had for years.  I have made the sleeveless version, but this was my first try with the one with sleeves.  (Putting sleeves on dresses is something I am still kind of getting the hang of.)  This is a very causal, t-shirt like dress and I made it with velvety material that I found at Walmart a while ago.  I got a lot of this fabric since it was only $2 a yard and I even made a skirt that didn’t end up sticking around.  After making this dress, I still have MORE material left should I decide to give another skirt a try.

November's Dress 2I like the way the dress came out, I was kind of expecting it to look a little less casual considering the material I used, but I think with this style of dress, it was destined to be casual regardless of my fabric choice, which is fine by me.  It’s not like I have a life that requires me to be dressed up beyond casual on a very regular basis.  Also, it is warm and comfortable.  Plus, it has fall colors (the leaves will be gone soon, and then I will quit talking about fall colors, I promise!).

November's DressI got the stripes lined up pretty well at the sides, I think, and my only trouble was with the ease on the sleeves.  Although, it wasn’t anything major, they just came out a little puffy, but it was an easy fix.  It has been awhile since I have made anything with sleeves on it, and I was a little out of practice.  This was a very easy dress, I even sized down on the pattern without a second thought and ended up needing no adjustments.  It was also fun to make!

Five months and five dresses down, can that be possible?  And I have worn them all except September’s.  Guess I should wear that one soon.  Now, to think about what to do for December’s dress, I have no idea, but I think I will stick to something on hand.  I will probably have to get some material though, unless I want to go with black…

November's Dress 3Even though my right sleeve looks kind of weird in this picture, I assure you it came out fine.  It was only folded under while I was taking pictures, oops!

Dress – made by me || Tights – Kmart (I think) || Shoes – Doc Martens || Necklace – made by me

What do yo think?  Do you love the fall colors as much as I do?

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