About This Week

20131108-115547.jpgInternet problems this morning left me unsure as to whether I would have a post up today or not.  It seems, the issues have been resolved and now I might be able to squeeze in a few minutes of some online time.  Fridays are my busiest days of the week, but my most laid back of the mornings, so my lack of a working connection put me behind with a few things I normally do online early on a Friday.

Compared to last week, this week has just flown by!  And already several hours into the day, I still have to keep telling myself it is in fact Friday.  This week most of my time was consumed by school and for the last two days, watching little ones.  It is a lot of fun to have some extra children in the house once in a while, but I also find I have less time, especially since they are little ones.

I tried and tried to find a few minutes to finish my dress for the month this week, but couldn’t get any spare time in.  I did get to start it last Sunday, but then my guy and the boy came home from hunting and we decided to got out for a nice dinner.  I will take Italian food to sewing any day!  I should have it done hopefully by this time next week.


Oh, yes, I also have a little bit about wine to talk about.  The labels for our first batch of homemade wine finally arrived, and the official taste test is on the way.  We have had a few ‘practice taste tests’ already, but the OFFICIAL one is still to come!  And, turns out my neighbor is a winemaker as well as a gardener.  I did find a few minutes to go over and talk wine with him while he was giving me a sample of his latest and greatest batch thus far.  It was pretty good; a nice taste of what I may one day have, because he makes his wine from muscadines, exactly what is growing at the family vineyard.  I now know where to go if I need a real live person to give me tips.

And so ends a recap of my week.  One more thing before I go, how about a quick recap of some shoe saves.  I only have two, but before the days get away from me and I forgot I wore them, here they are, on the blog and officially saved!

ShoeSave10Shoe save 10: Skechers, worn canoeing.

ShoeSave11Shoe save 11: Simple brand, worn on the first day it was cool enough for boots and tights.

More shoe saves to come for the Shoperwoman shoe challenge, and probably more boots.  The inevitable change from warm to cold is slowly creeping in, especially in the mornings.  I just may get my heater turned on this weekend.  I really thought about it today, but hate running around dealing with smoke alarms because they always go off the first time we start the heater up.

Now, I am done writing about the week.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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