ThursdayThrift Summer to Fall

How do you make a summer dress wearable in the fall?  By making sure it is not very bright, and then adding a sweater, of course!  Also it helps to take some nice fall pictures while wearing said summer dress and add an undershirt of some sort to keep from having bare arms.

Surrounded by leaves

Summer to Fall

Fall summer dressSweater – Mudd || Dress – J Gee (thrifted)|| Shirt – H&M || Tights – Old Navy || Shoes – Doc Martens (thrifted) || Necklace – made by me

And that is exactly what I did for this week’s Thursday Thrift.  I really have been getting a lot of the thrifted side of my closet worn.  (Not that I really have a thrifted side of the closet.  In fact, a good part of my closet lately is stacked in piles on chairs and tubs waiting to be hung up.) I am down to a handful of thrifted dresses and I have only a couple of thrifted skirts left that have yet to be featured on the blog, so as I was hunting shopping my closet, I found this dress.

I have a tendency to wear my favorite items of clothing the least.  I just know that if I wear them a lot, they will end up worn out, and then what will I do?  So they get worn very little and this dress that I got years back from the Buffalo Exchange, is one such dress that hardly gets worn.  I also forgot that the plastic strap adjuster was broken and still needs to be replaced.  That actually was really the main reason for it hanging in the back of the closet, it is a fixer-uper.  A little tape did the trick today, and the strap pretty much stayed put.  Something unique about this dress, the skirt portion has the inside seams on the outside.  If you didn’t pay attention to the top and the middle tie, one might think they had their dress on inside out, pretty original, huh?  (Or a complete mistake and that is why it ended up at the thrift store!)  Either way, I like the way it looks, and I could probably unintentionally recreate this sewing style of my own with one of my homemade dresses.  🙂

Being that it is several shades of drab, it worked out well for such a nice fall day!  And since it is not really getting cold, a sweater was just enough to make it the perfect outfit.  What thrifted items do you have up on your blog today?  Remember to tag your post with #ThursdayThrift if you would like me to list your post here.  Hope you all are enjoying your fall weather!  I think it will get cold where I am sooner or later.

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8 Replies to “Summer to Fall”

  1. So cute! The exposed seams are so fun. I have a couple of dresses and skirts that are made that way.
    I also think that color makes a great backdrop for deep burgundies and navies. Can you tell I’m a neutral lover?


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