Fall Leaves and a Warm Bed

Fall Colors

It was almost this same time last year that my friends decided on a camping weekend.  It was also on camping weekend last year that it rained.  The difference this time is that it rained a day sooner, so those who are camping will not have to be spending part of the trip in the downpour.  I am not one of those who will be camping, again, this year.  My guy got a job promotion and a day off was out of the question, but even before that, a day off wasn’t gonna happen.  The boy is going though, and he is getting ready to go, I am sure, this very minute, so he, once again, can tell me all about the fun I missed out on.  (In case there is a chance that camping might be fun…  I sound so negative about camping.  I really like it, but when it is time to go and do it, I think my warm bed sounds much nicer.  What is wrong with me?)

Fall Leaves Drive

Yes, It was a wet day yesterday and I found myself out driving in the rain.  But all of that rain wasn’t too bad because there was so much to see everywhere around me.  The leaves just got beautiful this week.  I was out and about on Tuesday, and they weren’t that spectacular, but then it was as if everything turned to gold and red two days later!  I had to take the scenic drive home and then kept stopping every few minutes to take pictures.  The boy is getting used to my stop and go driving techniques these days.  And he didn’t even complain about it this time.

Fall Leaves Red

Did anyone else realize that it is the first of November, I did?  In fact, I have been waiting for it to be another month for the last week.  I can now officially start my November sewing project.  I have had what I wanted to make in mind for almost a month now, and after October’s dress success, I have been anxiously awaiting my next one.  However, I need to remind myself, that not all of my sewing projects come out well the first time around.  I have some velvety-type material in perfect fall colors, that has been sitting in my material stash for years now.  I finally know what to make with it, a dress, and I hope to start this weekend.  Because I might need a warm dress one of these days!  (It is gonna be 70 again today.)

So, a little bit of what I did, what I am not doing, and what I want to do for this Friday’s post.  And now it is time for what I DON’T really want to do right now: clean, do laundry and cook.  But someone has to do it, right…

Enjoy your Friday!

5 Replies to “Fall Leaves and a Warm Bed”

  1. I am soooo jealous of your leaves! Our leaves are barely starting to fall on the ground and they’re not changing colors.. siiiigh!


    1. What month do the leaves usually turn where you are? I am so happy I got some pictures with the fall leaves this year. I always want to, but then don’t make it out on time.


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