What I am Not Doing This Weekend

For the past several years it has become somewhat of a regular thing for my family and several friends of ours to all go camping this time of year.  There is a reason why late October, early November is the camping time of choice for us, hopefully by now all of the bugs will start to have disappeared since the weather SHOULD have started to cool off some!

This year is no different, the camping trip has been planned for at least three months, but one thing this year that is different, I won’t be there, me or my guy.  We have plans to spend the day tomorrow at the camp site, but the whole overnight experience is not a go for us this year.  I can’t really say why, and it was just a few days ago that we declined, but I guess we were just not feeling the desire to go set up camp and fully enjoy the great outdoors for the weekend.  We did let the boy go because camping is one of the things he just looks forward to all year long!  He is in good hands and hopefully he’s not missing me so much that he can’t enjoy himself properly… I know that definitely is not the case, but I will pretend for a moment that he is missing me, some.  🙂

No fishing, no seeing the sunrise over Lake Placid, no fresh night air on my face.  These are the things I will miss out on this weekend, but I will still get to enjoy a day in the autumn air, and maybe even watch the sunset tomorrow night.

Now off to the things I turned camping down for: grading papers, cleaning house, and laundry.

Uh, maybe I am missing out on more than I thought… Wait, did I mention it is raining outside?

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