Shoe Save Twenty-Five

The summer shoes have been saved!  This was the last only-appropriate-for-summer pair that I had, and last weekend the weather was a great 80 degrees so I got them out and got them saved.  I had given up on getting them worn this year and was resolved to wear them first thing in the spring, but decided why not now?

This was the first time I have worn these.  They are new, straight out of the box, and only a few months old.  The brand is, once again, Colin Stuart and, once again, they are wedges with a straw wrapped heel.  I am noticing a tendency towards these types of shoes.  I don’t think I will buy any more like this anytime soon.  I do really like the t-strap though, and hope to find another pair eventually with that specific feature.

Thanks to wearing shoes like this over the summer, I have gotten the hang of higher than my usual shoes, and they were really comfortable and easy to walk around in.

 Now, hopefully, the weather will cool off some and stay that way so I can get the boots out and get them saved.  Boots are my favorite, and I will look pretty funny wearing them in summer-like weather.  But I will if it means they make it to see another year.

This Shoeper Shoe Challenge continues for me next Tuesday…

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