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The 30th Friday of 2017

I am going to once again pretend that it is Friday and I am writing this post on time.  Really, this time yesterday I was getting ready for bed and sleeping was more of a priority than blogging.  I am well rested today, so here is my Friday […]

My New Favorite Month

It is kind of like I completely skipped over September here on the blog, isn’t it?  That’s okay, because I don’t like September near as much as I used to.  It used to be that it was my favorite month.  I have heard it been said that a […]

Monday Morning Thoughts

A happy Monday morning to you!  I’m giving you all a short break from my vacation posts today, and I am hoping that nobody is getting tired of them being all that I have been talking about lately.  I have about three left to go, so be warned, […]

Vacation Week, the Prelude

A whole week has already gone by since we got back from our trip, and I really wish I was still on vacation.  I am just now, eight days later, getting the chance to even look at my vacation photos which is almost unheard of for me.  Getting […]


According to my handy dandy, WordPress insights, Mondays are the days that my blog gets the most views. So I decided not to leave you all hanging and make sure that I got something posted here today.  Ah, Monday, we meet again.  I may not entirely be ready […]

I Need a Little More Time…

Whoa, where has this week gone!?  I really wanted to have more posts up, but here it is already Friday and not a single one except for Monday’s post that was a make up for last Friday.  Well, the good news is school is almost over, just two […]