Insta-Friday with Bonus Shoe Saves

It’s another Friday here on the blog and I have another post for you all.  Several months back when I finished my photo a day project, I kind of slacked off with the daily pictures, but in the last couple of weeks I have gotten back to snapping away at whatever catches my attention.  It has been awhile since I have done an Instagram, photo post, so I thought today would be a good day for another one.  Instagram is still probably my all time favorite social network.


I am always ready for it to be Friday, but this week completely got away from me and there is still too much to be done before I get my weekend started.  So for once, I am not really happy about it being Friday, but if everything goes smoothly, by lunchtime today I should be thinking differently.  This photo was from Friday of last week; a nice dinner out and an over sized tropical drink.  All weekends should start off this way don’t you think?

hummingbird at a feeder

I got a new humming bird feeder and I was happy to have some visitors show up right away.  Even with Monday’s buckets of rain, these little guys kept drinking up.  I have already had to refill it and I am sure I am gonna have to keep pre-made sugar water on hand all summer long.  These birds can be so demanding!

yellow striped dress

The rain didn’t bother the hummingbirds but it did bother us humans who had zoo plans on one of the days it did rain.  Monday’s downpour was plenty, but it wasn’t done yet so the afternoon rain on Tuesday was enough to cancel our annual school-group field trip.  Instead of the zoo, I made and almost completed another dress.  It is just like the one I made last time, what can I say?  I like this pattern so much!  And now that it is Me-Made-May, I will have yet another thing to wear for the month.

tiny turtle

This little guy, and little he was, was making his way through the backyard when Yuki dog found him and thought he would make a great new toy.  I was outside when it happened and I knew right away she was up to something, so upon further investigation, I found that this turtle was being taken for a ride to places unknown inside of Yuki’s mouth.  She spit him out right away when I got to her, but she wasn’t happy to see him go.  We kept him in a pot for a brief time and then sent him on his way.  He sure was cute!  A box turtle, perhaps?

There you have it, a few moments from the week, the second to last week of school – part of the reason it was so busy.  Not too busy to forget about shoes though, and I have a few that were saved and that I can now officially say I get to keep for another year.

black velvet mary janes

Shoe save 21.  A pair of black, velvety Mary Jane’s worn last Friday to dinner.  The brand is unknown; I got them at Cost Plus, World Market years ago.

ShoeSave22Shoe save 22 worn on Wednesday for the afternoon because it was kind of cool after the storms moved on out.  These were the only pair of shoes that I was worried about saving.  They aren’t warm weather appropriate and I figured I had missed my chance.  I never know with what to wear them, they are a pair of high-heeled, knee high boots, brand X-Appeal.

layering laceShoe Save 23 also seen here.  An old pair of Skechers that are in serious need of replacing.  I even spent a little time online looking for a possible replacement this week.

I must be going now.  My day awaits so enough of this post already.  Should you be interested in more of my Instagram feed, you can find me by following the link in the sidebar.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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