Layered Lace

layering lace shirts

floral spring dress

Hello, readers and thrifters alike!  How is this Thursday treating you?  It has been several weeks since I was ready with a Thursday Thrift post in advance, and ready for publishing at the stroke of midnight, so maybe I should be saying good morning to all of you night owls.  It feels good to be bright an early with a post.

My thrifting continues another week and another month.  Another month with posting that is, and not actually going to any thrift stores and buying stuff.  I have been a bad thrift shopper, but hopefully that may be changing soon (but do I really need anymore clothes?).  I have started on my spring closet clean-out, and I may end up with a donation pile –  a perfect excuse to replace what I am giving away, right?  Although, I think I might still have a few things piled up that never made it to the Goodwill from last year.  It takes me some time to actually get rid of my clothes.  Sometimes they just move from one corner of the room to the next and then off to a different room completely before finally making it into the garage, and then who knows really how long the donation bags sit in there…  It seems as if I need to get myself in gear, doesn’t it?  It’s not like I am a hoarder or anything.  No, really, I am not a hoarder!

For today, what do you think of this lace, over shirt I am wearing?  It was thrifted and then gifted to me.  I love lace shirts!  They are so versatile.  You can layer them in so many ways, and I tend to find them wonderful to wear underneath summer dresses, or even over, as today’s outfit shows.

I always try and wear this shirt, but there are only a few dresses that I think to put it on top of, both of which are floral, and hopefully I am not doing it a disservice by pairing it with such a busy print.  What do you think?  Lace layered over a printed  dress, or should I just stick to layering over solids?  That is the question of the day…

But wait, one more question, anyone else have something thrifted up on their blog?  I would love to stop by for some outfit inspiration.  Leave me a link and I’ll post it here.  As always, I would love to hear what you think.

Until next time, happy thrifting!  And feel free to join me for the Thursday Thrift. 

layering lace

Outfit details: Shirt – Charlotte Russe (thrifted) // Dress – Maurices // Shoes – Skechers (very old, I know) // Photo bombed above by Yuki, the pet dog. 

Linking up with: Simple Sequins, Passion for Fashion, and Three-fer Thursday.

10 Replies to “Layered Lace”

    1. It is a great way to spend a few hours if you are a shopper. I’m sometimes surprised by how much I find when I do get out thrifting.


  1. I really love the tears of lace in this dress. Thanks so much for being at *FiF* this week again. Yay!


    1. Thanks! Ooh, glad to have you join up. It will be in two Thursdays though, I do these posts the first and third Thursday of the month. Maybe I should think about making it weekly, then I might get more consistency with other people leaving links.


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