The First Weekend in May


fuscia flower

Hello, how’s this Monday going for ya?  For me?  Well, today is the last meet up day for this school year, and we are just meeting for our group pictures, so I am pretty happy about that.  I’m not letting today fool me though, it’s gonna be a busy week I know for sure, but hopefully the last of its kind until August.  🙂

This weekend was a normal family weekend; much like the one two weeks ago.  We went fishing on Sunday morning and then did the biweekly yard work.  Well, the guys of the house did the bulk of the yard work, I just watched from the window waiting for the heat of the day to pass.  It was a warm 87 degrees at 330 and I had already had my share of the sunshine while out on the boat.  Wait, did I get that right?  87 degrees?  Yup, warm may have been the wrong word, 87 degrees is hot in my book.  I did do my portion of the yard work though, but not until the afternoon was gone.  (I don’t think it was any cooler either.)

What else, oh yes, sewing.  Of course I did some sewing this weekend – me made May and all.  I only had to put in a zipper, hem the bottom, and re-hem the sleeves of my most recent project, but it took much longer than it should have.  I once again redid that zipper three times.  Three times!  Two times too many if you ask me.  I don’t know why I can’t ever get them in right the first time.  And it wasn’t that it was put in wrong, it was that the fit of the dress was off so I had to readjust seams and try again.  There is patience to be learned in everything!  The dress finally got finished and I threw it in the washing machine to get rid of all the marks I had on it. I’m a little worried that I may have some fitting issues with the dress still when I get it ironed and tried on again. I really like the dress, but it could have fit just a tiny bit better.  I’ll save those details for another day.

I don’t have a Me-Made outfit round up for you all just yet.  Since May started on a Thursday, I am waiting for the first full week of the month to pass before I post.  I am planning to have something up this time next week though, so no need to worry.  I have already worn two things that I have made, and I hope to exceed my five items per week goal.  It is totally doable.

That’s about all I have for today and it is probably time for me to get busy with other things.  I have more high hopes and these would involve my running shoes and a treadmill…

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Have a great Monday, everyone!

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