Me Made May ’14: Week One

Good morning, readers and fellow Me-Made-May participants!  (It is morning somewhere, I’m sure.)  How was everybody’s week?  I’ve been happily wearing several items of homemade clothing this last week and a half, and it’s time to do my first weekly round up.  This year my commitment to wearing things I have made is a bit more of a challenge than last year.  Only one item a week last May compared to five items a week this time.  So far, it’s going well!

grey elastic skirtDAY 1:  The boy and I had some outside activities planned and it was surprisingly cool out.  There was a cold breeze so tights were needed.  This skirt I made about 14 years ago and it is from my most used pattern by New Look.  Almost all of my homemade skirts have come from this pattern.  (New Look 6730)

green pineapple dress

DAY 2:  The weather got back to warm and a green pineapple dress it was.  This has been one of my biggest dress accomplishments!  When I made it, I had the placement of my straps kind of off in the back and after wearing the dress last weekend, I finally got to seam ripping and fixed them.  Now, I will feel fine should I end up wearing it next time without the sweater.  (New Look 6048)

brightly colored skirt

DAY 3:  We took school pictures on Monday and the color theme was jean, white, and turquoise.  The boy had no turquoise so he stuck with denim and white, and I unknowingly wore the turquoise.  It wasn’t planned on my part at all, and I didn’t even realize I had this year’s colors on until one of my dear friends pointed it out.   And, this is the best picture I got of myself for the day.  We’re only interested in seeing what I have made after all, so a faceless photo shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  (Simplicity 5100)

blue crushed velvet skirt

DAY 4:  I picked a good day to wear crushed velvet.  The skirt isn’t really that hot even though it is a thicker material and the day was nice and breezy.  Plus, I didn’t get dressed until well into the afternoon so I only wore this for a couple of hours before changing into my workout clothes to go to the gym.  Another New Look skirt from many, many years back.  This was originally a long skirt, but not quite long enough to hit at my ankles and I never wanted to wear it, so I made it shorter and it gets worn more often.  (New Look 6730)

MMMay14 #5

Day 5:  I finally wore the dress I made for September.  I am still not sure that I like it enough to keep it as a dress, but with a blouse over it, I don’t mind the look of it at all.  (New Look 6347)

And that is all about my homemade wardrobe for today.  Week one of Me-Made-May complete!  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  I have a rainy Friday ahead of me, but hopefully it’ll only stick around for the day.

8 Replies to “Me Made May ’14: Week One”

  1. I know I’m supposed to be concentrating on the skirts, but I LOVE your Day 2 shoes! So cute, and they look fairly comfy, too. I like that shoes with ankle straps are back in style now. 🙂


    1. They really are comfy. I have walked plenty of times with no complaints in these strapped lovelies! I am a big fan of ankle straps as well. I agree, I am happy about being able to find another pair since they are in style again.


  2. I don’t know if I’m the only man who follows your blog but I have to say that I really enjoy how you put your outfits together. You have a certain artistic flair that has given me inspiration as a photographer.


    1. Actually, you aren’t the only guy that follows, and when I started this blog it wasn’t really that much about fashion/outfits. I really love the photography aspect about blogging, and the outfit photos have helped me with learning about photography and editing. Plus they are kind of fun to take.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂


    1. Thank you, it’s one of my favorites. I have found making my own clothes to be quite fun in addition to be a big accomplishment. 🙂


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