A Case for Cropped Pants

black and white pants

cuffed pants

casual outfit ideas

I know they are only pants, but cropped pants specifically.  I am not too sure how I feel about cropped pants, on myself that is.

They are comfortable, a slight step up from shorts, and they just say summertime casual, however, they are still cropped pants!  I have seen many ladies wear this style with ease, but on me personally, I just can’t get over how this look has a way of shortening a person.  Perhaps it is all in my head.  After all, I don’t think I have ever seen someone wearing cropped pants and thought, definitely not a good look; you look way too short in those.  Maybe it has always been my shoe choice.  I have a hard time picking out something other than a pair of Doc’s.  I went with wedges today to add a little bit of height, and I think it may have helped.

I have two other pairs of pants in this style.  One which is red plaid that I do wear, and another that I picked up from a yard sale a few summers back that had been packed away with this black and white pair all winter long.  I brought down my summer clothes a couple of weeks ago, which doesn’t consist of much, and found these.  I remembered buying them at the end of last summer from the Goodwill with the intention of making them shorts.  I am not too keen on shorts, but with a crazy print, I thought I might like them a little more.  I never got to the alterations, and so I thought I would wear them, as is, once before I gave them a new life.

The length of these is actually longer, and as you can see I rolled them – about three times.  The pre-rolled length was doing nothing for me, so should I decide to keep them as cropped pants, I will still hem them a few inches, thus avoiding the cuffed look which, which I am not a fan of.

I spent most of my day at home, only leaving to walk the dog, so I was able to get the feel of these without feeling so self-conscious about being outside of my clothing comfort zone in public.  Because, while black and white most definitely is my style, cropped pants are not.

black and white cuffed pants

Outfit details: Pants – Dress Barn (thrifted) // Shirt – Heart & Soul // Shoes – Route 66 // Necklace – handmade

Anything thrifted on your blog today?  Leave me a link or link back to my site.  Some outfit inspiration would be good for this Thursday.

This will be the last Thursday Thrift post for this month, the calendar is showing an extra Thursday, so maybe enough time for me to get out and get to thrifting.  My thrifted wardrobe has just about reached it’s end as far as blogging about it goes, and I am gonna have to do something about this if I am to continue this bi-weekly theme…

Thanks for stopping by!  What are your thoughts on cropped pants?  (A silly thing to have thoughts on, isn’t it.  😉 )

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6 Replies to “A Case for Cropped Pants”

  1. hi Erika! Yes, my little sneakers and pencil skirt are going to be a repeated item for sure this summer. I am loving that look and the rolled jeans / pants as yours. Thanks for being at “Fashion item Friday” {*FiF*} each week lately. We are loving having you here, too! ♥, Renae


    1. Thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear that my rolled pants look was a good one. It is nice to hear other’s opinions about things like that. I love a nice pencil skirt, and yours was great, definitely something I need more of in my summer wardrobe. 🙂


  2. I had not given cropped pants much thought until reading your post.
    As I didn’t start to wear pants until last winter, I do not possess any summer pants and have been thinking of buying some more casual light weight ones – possibly in pastel shades. I might consider some cropped pants – I am just not 100% sure they will suit me


    1. I felt the same way about these, not sure how they’d suit me, but the benefit of finding them second hand is that it doesn’t matter too much if they don’t. Maybe you will have some luck shopping at your local thrift shops, or charity shops as you call them. 🙂


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