Another High Five for Friday!

Through the fence

It’s Friday and technically the end of my first week of summer break.  It was not much of a break, however, and I am happy to say that next week will be my first official week of not having anything to do school related.  As far as this week goes, there was still that last bit of grading, and preparations for the weekend’s final school program.  Besides all that, this week, as most weeks go, I have a lot to be happy about.  So for today, another High Five post and the five things about this week that I loved the most.

In no particular order:

1.  Our end of the year school year party.  This usually takes place the last Thursday of the ninth week, but this year, we waited until all of the school work was done and had it the week after we were finished.  The children were all very excited and I think all of us teachers were as well.  I was happy to just sit back, relax and eat pizza and chips.  Did I mention it was a pizza party, and we never seem to run out of food.  Ah, once in awhile it’s alright isn’t it?  Pizza, chips, and key lime cupcakes – delicious!

2.  There was also dinner and drinks with my guy.  Going out is always up there on my list of great things to do, so after the gym – had to run off some of those calories from the junk food party – my guy asked if I wanted to go out for the evening.  Absolutely, I did!  There wasn’t a whole lot going on for a rainy Tuesday night, but that was fine by me.  The evening was still wonderful, and I didn’t have to cook, bonus!

3.  I stopped to smell the roses.  And so many roses there are!  I have three rose bushes in my backyard, two of them I planted last year, and this was the first year that the new ones bloomed.  I have so many roses back there, it smells wonderful, and they are so pretty.

climbing rose

Rose edit

4.  There was a drop in temperature.  It isn’t summer yet, and for the most part the weather has been pretty nice, but we had our first blast of humidity and I wasn’t ready to deal with it yet.  The last three days have been cool again, making the weather wonderful, and I am happily enjoying the cooler mornings and nice afternoons.  I hope it stays this way through the weekend.

5.  And the last thing that I am the most happy about this week, no more grading!  After today, I will have my last paper graded and won’t have to think about any such thing for at least three months.  The boy and I both deserve a nice, long break.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Oh, and stop back by on Monday for another look at my second week of Me-Made-May.

White rose
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2 Replies to “Another High Five for Friday!”

    1. Thank you! As far as gardens go, mine is a work in progress, very slow progress at that. The roses are about the only things blooming in my backyard.
      I am partial to teaching English, but I just got done teaching the 7th grade, so this year really a little bit of everything.


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