The 300th Post

It is a blogging milestone, everyone, my 300th post and just a bit over three years!  I had always wanted to blog, and I am very happy to have kept up with it this long.  For a little bit of a flashback this Friday, here is my very first blog post on this site, a whole 93 words, but it was a start.  (I am trusting the WordPress word counter got it right, and it is in fact 93 words, I didn’t bother to recount.)

Started a blog screenshot

I have learned a lot in these last few years of blogging.  My family travel blog has since merged with this one, and unfortunately, my go at this with no help at all didn’t last very long.  I have had to ask my ‘computer guy’ husband for help a time or two, but not for what I would have expected.  Most of the hard stuff, I have figured out myself, it’s the easy stuff that gets me sometimes.

Some of my personal blogging accomplishments: I designed my own logo and even figured out how to get the code for it.  My banner that you see at the top of this page, I made it too.  Yes, those are just few things that I ended up being pretty happy about.  Probably pretty easy for the blogging elite, but when I was getting started, it was quite an accomplishment for me.

I have even been able to learn some of Photoshop, which has been an added bonus.  And lately, I have finally started getting a few emails from people concerning collaborations, reviews, invitations, etc, and I am so very happy about this part of my blogging life.  I am hoping for bigger and better things to come in that area.

I can’t forget that my photography skills are improving, thanks to the blog.  I have gotten more creative with my day to day wardrobe, thanks to the blog.  Plus, I have rekindled my love of sewing, thanks to the blog.  I have also realized that I am a bit of a shoe person, and that I like to write more than I first thought – or should I say type?  I have all of these English rules in my head, and it is nice to have a place to put them into practice.  (Now I made myself nervous calling out my English skills.  Don’t critique my writing too much, I’m sure I ended one of these sentences with a preposition.  Or did I end it that way on purpose just to see if anyone was paying attention?)

Thanks to everyone who reads what I have to write about, and thanks for bearing with the occasional, overly abundant, photo posts of myself.   Thank you for your likes and thank you for all of your comments.  I try and answer every single one, but there have been a few that have slipped past me.

I don’t plan to retire this here blog anytime soon, and I am looking forward to my next 300 posts!

8 Replies to “The 300th Post”

  1. Congrats on 300 posts! Blogging is not easy, the technical side of it least of all. You can be really proud of how far you’ve come!


  2. Wow congratulations Erika I sure have enjoyed reading your blog!!! You have an avid fan here!!! Keep blogging and I’ll be reading it! 🙂


  3. Sounds like the blog has given you a lot! When it comes to computer stuff I can never tell the difference between the hard stuff and the easy stuff – if it doesn’t work it’s annoying.


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