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new to knittingI was feeling crafty this weekend. I started on the dress I want to make for this month, and I started learning how to knit.  Learning how to knit has been on my to-do list for some time, and after talking to a few knitters last week, I decided it was fine time I started.

YouTube is my instructor, and there are more than enough videos to help me get started.  I only hope that the video I picked is a real way to knit.  Sometimes you learn something from someone, and it is how they do it or were taught, and maybe it’s not the technical, textbook method.  Well, I hope I am learning textbook knitting, minus having to read the textbook.  I am sure for something like this, there are many methods which would all be considered correct, so it’s probably not anything to fret over.  Whichever way seems the easiest and most understandable for me, will be just fine.

I learned how to cast on, and then the garter stitch, or knit stitch as I think it is also called.  I have been unraveling the same piece of yarn over and over trying to perfect my stitches.  I briefly started to watch how to purl, but that was where I quit.  I will just stick to the other two for a bit longer and try to perfect them before moving on.  The neat thing about all of this is that I ended up with my Grandma’s old knitting stuff, a whole box full, so it doesn’t look like I am going to have to be buying anything for this new hobby of mine any time soon.  (Unlike the wine hobby, which we just bought something else for.)

Once I get confident with my basic stitches, I don’t know what to make first.  It was suggested to me to make a dishrag, but a knitted dishrag doesn’t sound too appealing.  I was thinking a dog sweater.  But maybe a dishrag would be more of the obvious choice because who cares what that looks like.  Although, I really doubt Yuki has a preference as to what kind of sweater she is wearing…

20140120-170118.jpgno comment.

My ultimate knitting goal will be to make a pair of long socks or tights, and a cardigan.  The internet also happens to have a wealth of inspiration for this kind of thing, and I have already started browsing some knitting blogs.

11 Replies to “Knit Wit”

  1. I am so glad you are learning to knit. I tried once and made a baby blanket. When I was all done and took it off of the hooks it looked more like a table runner, long and skinny. I am guessing you will be much better at knitting than I am. 🙂


    1. I never knew you knitted, what did you think of it compared to crocheting? (Am I remembering right that you can crochet?) I will probably have my fair share of projects that will need an explanation for what they really are. 🙂


  2. A cardigan would be fun. Or maybe a blanket to lay on the couch? Good luck – my mom tried to teach me ages ago, it didn’t take lol


    1. I tried a few years back, but only for one afternoon, and it was as if I had never even held a knitting needle before when I picked it up again this time. I want to stick with it though. I am more motivated this time around.


    1. Thank you! It seems like a very lovely world to be a part of. I am really impressed by how many knitters there are, and several I have come across, I never would have even guessed they were.


  3. Yay for learning how to knit! It’s so much fun and a great skill to have! Once you perfect knit and purl stitching the world of knitting is really open to you 🙂 I still turn to youtube whenever a stitch I’ve never heard of is required and just watch how to do it. Don’t you just love the internet 🙂


    1. Absolutely, and if it weren’t for Google, I don’t know if I would be able to learn this skill as easily. It is nice having a teacher at any moment. 🙂
      I am excited to learn more!


  4. How fun enjoy your knitting you will be great at it! I learned both crochet and knitting at a young age from my grandmother’s neighbor. I enjoyed crochet more so stuck with that. I have some knotting patterns I’d like to try maybe I’ll start up soon and we can compate notes. 🙂


    1. I learned to crochet from Linda years back and even made a few baby hats for Ethan, but it has been way to long since I have done anything with what I knew. And I didn’t really learn all there was to learn about crocheting.
      It is a nice thing to do to pass the time, you should start up again!


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