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Mail Order Bees

It was back in January that I ordered bees.  Tractor Supply sent out emails for pre-ordering and we jumped on it.  There were two kinds: Carniolan bees or Italian bees.  We picked Italian after asking around – Google knows a lot!  In the three months that we waited […]

A Start at Beekeeping

The bees are already out.  I stepped on one a couple of weeks ago.  I felt really bad about this afterwards but it wasn’t until my foot was at the point of stomping that I even realized it was a bee.  My bug mentality has been to kill […]

Thoughts for a Tuesday

I woke up the other morning, turned on my phone and saw that I had 17 text messages.  I sleepily picked it up and started scrolling through my text feed when I saw that a friend had posted a picture of school supplies on sale at Walmart.  What! […]

Knit Wit

I was feeling crafty this weekend. I started on the dress I want to make for this month, and I started learning how to knit.  Learning how to knit has been on my to-do list for some time, and after talking to a few knitters last week, I […]