Day lily edit

I woke up the other morning, turned on my phone and saw that I had 17 text messages.  I sleepily picked it up and started scrolling through my text feed when I saw that a friend had posted a picture of school supplies on sale at Walmart.  What!  Is it really that time?  Do I have to start doing something about this?  Can’t it be summer break for two more months?

Well, the answers are:  Yes, it really is that time; yes, I will soon have to start doing something about this; and, no, it can’t stay summer break for two more months.  Anyway, would I really want it to be this hot and humid for two more months, probably not.  My normal time frame for getting back to school ready is sometime during the first week of August, so as I see it, I have a good couple of weeks left to go, and therefore a good couple of weeks to get one of the things that I wanted to do checked off of my summer to do list.  This thing being, learn everything I can about my camera.  My excuse before was not enough time, but now I have a little more than usual so I best be getting to it.

How should I go about this?  Photography classes in the city? I would have to drive and there would be a cost.  There are books, but I already checked one out on my Kindle and never got to reading it.  Perhaps an online photography class.  Specifically, I am needing a ‘how to use a DSLR’ photography class.  So I asked google, and found more than a few options.  I might add here that my guy has also supplied me with some pdf’s and videos to check out, plus a dear friend has sent me links that I still haven’t gotten to.  And there are all those Pinterest Pins too read.  Now is as good of a time as any to get started.  My guy’s thoughts were that I lay off on the dressmaking and get to learning about my camera.  He is probably right.  But, I still think I can manage to do the two… I might need some new dresses to practice taking pictures of, right?

I am going to narrow down my online choices hopefully by the end of the day, and then get with these courses ASAP.  I will be sure to let you all know how it goes and what I end up going with.  Because if anything, this will just give me something else to blog about, and writing all about whatever is something I enjoy doing very much.  Probably with my new found photography skills, I should have some nicer pictures to go with these upcoming blog posts.  That’s my hope anyway.

Anyone out there have any experience with online photography classes?  Suggestions?  I’m just looking into the basics for now, I can figure out the creative aspect of my photography once I get off of the auto mode.  Leave me your comments, I would love to know your thoughts on this topic.

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