Every so often, okay all the time, I have these what to wear moments.  It usually goes like this: I have something planned out, ironed, and ready to go, then end up with a completely different mindset and decide that my original intention just won’t work.  I’m pretty sure I am not the only girl with this particular problem.  And I say problem in the most lighthearted manner possible.  Not knowing what to wear really isn’t a problem, and it doesn’t keep me up at night, ever.

black in summer 5

Sunday, was one such day of indecisiveness though.  I thought that would be the day my Pretty as a Weed dress would finally get worn.  I was meeting my guy and the boy in town for an afternoon out.  They had spent most of the day at a shooting competition, while I spent my time leisurely about the house doing some things that I don’t normally get to do when they are around (which is nothing really exciting).  I knew when we met up, it was going to be almost dinner time and that they would be plenty hungry.  Plus, we don’t make it out to eat as often as we have in times past, so going out is very much a treat lately, and we, or at least I, tend to have eyes bigger than my stomach.  So a practical outfit, with should I say a little bit of stretch, would be the best choice.  My Pretty as a Weed dress doesn’t have much give, being that it is 100% cotton and very fitting to begin with.  Sitting after eating my lunch/dinner meal was probably gonna be a little uncomfortable.  (I am realizing that I am making myself sound like a pretty aggressive eater.  I am not, and usually end up bringing half of my meal home with me.  It’s those drinks AND appetizers that tend to fill me up the most, you know?)

Anyway, considering the afternoon at hand, I decided to go with a stretchy waist skirt.  No zipper that will need to be undone in case I ended up regretting eating all of those onion rings.

black in summer 3 edit

You know what I love about this skirt?  Besides the polka dots, I love the fact that it was free.  Several summers back, I won a $500 gift card – I’m sure I have mentioned this little win of mine before.  It was a very happy shopping day indeed when I bought this.  I have lately resorted to not wearing this much black during the summer time, but there was nothing else I could find to wear with the skirt, and I really wanted to wear this skirt.  It doesn’t get worn near enough, and it is such a pretty skirt.

My last two outfit posts have had the same kind of crop top in them, and I am happy to be wearing those as well.  When I bought them, I wasn’t sure I would ever get to wear a cropped top since I never really liked the high-waisted skirt look on me, and what else do you wear a cropped top with if you aren’t planning on baring your belly?  My tastes must be changing is all I am gonna say.

black in summer edit

Dinner was great, we went to Red Robin, and spending the afternoon doing fun things with the family was even better.  I didn’t once worry about how tight my skirt felt after eating, and as usual, I ended up bringing half of my food home with me.  I can’t wait for the next time I will have to think about what to wear, because if I have to put any thought into it, it usually means there will be something fun going on.

Details: Shirt – About a Girl || Skirt – Joe Benbasset || Shoes – Doc Martens || Necklace – Pier One || Sunglasses – Ray Bans

*LInking up with: Top of the World Style

4 Replies to “Black, in the Summer?”

  1. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Black in summer is definitively a big YES! All those southern European women can’t be wrong! This look is great on you!


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