I have slacked off some with my daily journal writing in the physical sense.  These days my actual journal book is just used as a prop for these weekly pictures.  Since I do keep up with the basic run down of my week over here on the blog though, I am not missing out on knowing what I’ve been up to.  (Does anyone else reread their own blog posts?  Only me?)

Hi, I am Erika, and I reread my own blog posts.

How was everyone’s week?  I’d say my only complaint was having almost $300 stolen.  However, this money was restored back to me because it was a fraudulent debit card purchase, and my bank noticed it right away, so they stopped any other transactions from going through.  I didn’t lose my card, just somebody got a hold of my number.  I hear it happens sometimes.  Because of this, I was on a bit of a spending halt this week until I was able to get a new card and my money back.  Now that I have both things in hand, the only thing I can think to buy is an ice cream maker, or another pair of Doc’s.  I have had both things on my wish list for a couple of weeks now.  Choices, choices.


The weather cooled only slightly this week, and there was lots of rain around here, so still plenty of humidity.  It has been too wet to do much outside other than admire the weeds, so inside things have been what I have been keeping busy with.  Specifically, cleaning and laundry.  I tried to sit down and sew yesterday, but just couldn’t find the motivation for it.  I have several projects that are just needing a hem or a zipper, so if I would get a burst of sewing energy, I could have at least two things done in a very short period of time.  Maybe today?  My boy is spending time with his cousins and my house is fairly clean for a Friday.  Also, I don’t even have to make a trip to Wal-Mart – the day is basically free.


There were a couple noteworthy things that happened this week:  roller skating and wine making.  Monday, the boy and I had a nice afternoon at the skating rink, again spending time with the cousins.  And yesterday, I racked my one month old cherry wine.  I guess you could say, I have moved out of stage two.  Now it is in the clearing stage, and hopefully improving as it clears.  My biggest batch, the 5 gallon one, didn’t taste too bad at this point; but my 3 gallon batch was pretty gross.  I read up on it a little last night and it’s not hopeless yet.  There is still time for it to come around.  I really hope it comes around.


That is all for me for today.  The morning is just racing by, and if I want to do anything productive before my gym date this afternoon, I should probably get with it now.  Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

4 Replies to “Friday July 24th”

  1. I’m Miranda, and I reread my old blog posts, too! For me, part of the fun of blogging is having a place to catalog past adventures… it has the same appeal as pulling out an old photo album. 🙂 Also, what kind of flower is that purple one with the frizzy petals? I don’t think I’ve seen one of those before!

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    1. I agree with you completely about the old posts. The flower is a Passion flower. The first time I saw one was in Rome, years ago. It was the prettiest flower I’d ever seen. Fast forward to living in TN, and they grow here like weeds. I love them!


      1. A passion flower! This may be a really stupid question (and sorry to fixate on horticulture), but do the plants grow passion fruits? I always think of passion fruits as being so tropical… not growing like weeds here in the mainland US!


        1. Yes, they do grow the fruit. I’ve never come across a ripe one though. I don’t look too hard when they are probably ready, as most the vines around here are in massive amounts of overgrowth, and there are way to many chiggers and ticks in all of that.


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